Windows 8 Developer Preview running on Lenovo ThinkPad W520

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 14 2011 (updated on Oct 18 2012) in
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  • So far, so good, after kicking the tires for a bit.  Pretty too.

    I plan to demonstrate some rather impressive boot speeds, and show the difference between the new fast reboot and the Windows 7 regular reboot.

    Sep 16, 2011 Update:
    The video has now arrived, see


    Sep 07 2012 Update:

    Windows 8 x64 RTM testing is going well, for 3 weeks now, but the August 15 2012 video driver from Lenovo's Windows 8 Beta Driver site is a bit finicky, since it only works in NVIDIA Optimus mode, so I cannot see video output on my external monitor until Windows is booted. More details to follow.

    If I unplug my beautiful Nixeus monitor that is DisplayPort-cable-connected to my W520, I get a BSOD. But I can power off the monitor with its power switch with no such worries, and suspending and resuming while docked work fine.

    Oct 18 2012 Update:
    Well, NVIDIA Optimus Display Driver now released from Lenovo here:
    but here's the strange thing. Works great in Optimus mode, laptop standalone, or hooked up to external DVI (1920x1080) and DisplayPort (2560x144). Also works in Discreet video model (same cabled external monitors). Not so great as laptop standalone in Discreet mode though, as it hangs solid soon after Windows 8 finishes booting. Same complaint that goes back a long way. Hmm...