Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN (VL) doesn't offer Windows 10 Pro ISO downloads

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 29 2015 (updated on Jul 30 2015) in
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  • Well, now we know a bit more about getting ISO downloads of Windows 10 from MSDN, since it's now been released.

    Shortly after midnight here on the east coast, I noticed I could see a list of Windows 10 version on MSDN, without even needing to login, right here.

    I then had my sad trombone moment as soon as I logged in to my active MSDN subscription, seeing the following message along side the Windows 10 Pro that I wanted.

    This product is not available at your subscription level. Learn More

    Read that Learn More link does little to shed more light on this, but apparently my MSDN subscription just ain't good enough. Then again, look closer at the Compare Windows 10 Editions page, and you'll quickly notice that Enterprise has more stuff than Pro. But you'll also notice that I can choose to get either the "regular" version:

    Windows 10 Enterprise (x64) - DVD (English)
    File Name: en_windows_10_enterprise_x64_dvd_6851151.iso

    Or the LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) variants:

    Windows 10 Enterprise 2015 LTSB (x64) - DVD (English)
    File Name: en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x64_dvd_6848446.iso
    ISO English Release Date: 7/28/2015 Details
    3521 MB

    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB builds on Windows 10 Pro adding premium features designed to address the needs of large and mid-size organizations (including large academic institutions), such as advanced protection against modern security threats, full flexibility of OS deployment, updating and support options; as well as comprehensive device and app management and control capabilities.

    The LTSB edition provides customers with access to the Long Term Servicing Branch as a deployment option for their mission critical devices and environments.

    File Name: en_windows_10_enterprise_2015_ltsb_x64_dvd_6848446.iso

    Compare Windows 10 Editions

    All those version issues aside for a moment, and you can see for yourself in this next screenshot that my pricey "Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN (VL)" is rather restricted, as far as the number of Windows 10 variants available. In the past, I could get everything.

    Finally, I'll note that I used my simple Resource Monitor technique to determine that the CDN that my download is coming from is, which is Edgecast Networks, and it's only going at about 23 MBps, versus about twice that speed using the Akamai CDN that the previews seem to use.


    Next stop, figure out how the install of this 10240 goes, and how the licensing and activation behaves...

    So far, looks promising, seems I may have a Multiple Activation key, that could be handy for VMs.


    JUL 29 Update #1

    I have discovered that I can do a clean install of Windows 10 Build 10240, the activate it with the Enterprise VL (volume) license key. Here's what it says, pictured here.


    JUL 29 Update #2 05:33PM

    Thanks to alert TinkerTry visitor Garrick Strom, I've been tipped off that this problem has vanished. In other words, I can get to any of the Windows 10 variants now, and am now downloading en_windows_10_multiple_editions_x64_dvd_6846432.iso

    Thank you Garrick!


    JUL 30 Update

    While it is great I can apparently license pro, not exactly a lot of keys to use here, sigh. Wait a minute, look again, I got it both ways, 5 Pro (my laptops), and 1 multiple activation key (VMs). Nice!


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