If Chrome Browser acts like you’re in another country, try clearing just the right cookie

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 26 2014 (updated on Nov 27 2014) in
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  • I was working in Germany for a month. I used travelocity.com while in my hotel room. The hotel's internet provider was German, and that internet provider's geographic location was evident to travelocity.com. That means their webserver assumed I wanted the German version of their site, so it did a redirect to their German affiliate, lastminute.de. Even though I could use my own OpenVPN tunnel to "pretend" I was in the US, it was too late. The cookie that the web server planted stuck. So sticky that when I returned to the US, all attempts to get to travelocity.com were still redirected.

    How do I politely tell the site that I'm back in the US now? To disable the redirect behavior, my fix was to delete the cookie, to present a fresh shiny new version of myself to the travelocity.com web server. This was done by clearing just the problematic cookie, with no other consequences to any other web pages I visit.

    This 85 second looping animated GIF below walks you through the fix, followed by the identical video on YouTube, but with narration.

    Hope this tip helps you too!