What’s New in the VMware vSphere 6.0 Platform – VMware Technical White Paper January 2015

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 6 2015 in
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  • For today, a simple tip. To get ready for vSphere 6.0, read this PDF for techies. There's some good stuff in there about greatly expanded Guest OS Support, and more about the parity between the Windows Installable vCenter Server and the vCenter Server Appliance.

    What’s New in the VMware vSphere® 6.0 Platform

    Over on page 5, check out the list of guest OSs for your home lab "living museum" of OSs (where's OS/2?)

    Expanded Guest OS Support
    vSphere 6.0 introduces support for the following guest operating systems (OSs):

    • Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 3 Quarterly Update 3
    • Asianux 4 SP4
    • Solaris 11 .2
    • Ubuntu 12.04.5
    • Ubuntu 14.04.1
    • Oracle Linux 7
    • FreeBSD 9.3
    • Mac OS X 10.10

    A full list of supported guest OSs can be found at

    VCSA is now well suited for even the beefiest of home labs
    Alright, ESXi 6.0 won't support this guest OS, but it'll run [like it did on 5.5]. Why? Just because.