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Posted by Paul Braren on Apr 3 2013 in
  • ESXi
  • Why am I linking to this new blog? It's a complimentary gesture, for a complementary blog.

    If you're anything like me, a home lab virtualization enthusiast, then you may also find Brian Graf's strong selection of useful articles quite handy.

    I first came across this particular article, when doing a little VMware Converter research:

    Automatically Disable SSL – VMware Converter

    where Brian explains:

    After doing WAY too many conversions with converter I decided I was sick and tired of turning off the SSL encryption manually, closing the open files and folders, and restarting the VMware converter worker service.

    so with this gem in mind, I went ahead updated the related article of mine:

    Increasing the cloning performance of VMware Converter 5.0

    which is still growing in popularity, even after 15 months and counting. That means I have a good shot here at helping many people, by linking to Brian's tip.


    Here's more of Brian's great stuff:

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