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  • Laptop editing and hotel WiFi weren't exactly great for 4K video production and uploading, but I hope you find that the hardware close-ups were worth the wait!

    VMworld attendee Dennis Lewis from Vox Mobile earns some smiles, thanks to his mad handstand skills.

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    1. ATTO
    2. Cisco
    4. Intel
    5. Micron
    6. NAKIVO
    7. NVIDIA
    8. Supermicro
    9. Vembu

    Again this year, I had a lot of fun roaming around VMworld 2018 US with my iRig Mic, which does a solid job at keeping out the ambient noise that is typical at such conferences. If I'd only learn to not talk so loudly myself, which sometimes clipped my voice a bit. Hoping you won't notice, with all pixels of video, in 4K glory! Yeah, uploading over hotel WiFi was a many hour proposition

    iRig Mic HD 2 on Amazon, comes with Lightning cable for iOS and Micro USB cable for Android.

    Admittedly, having booth duties and presentations/demos of my own this week keeps me focused on short videos of just a few vendors during the spare moments that I had. Hopefully you'll find the content of value, as I visit vendors of interest, completely unscripted. Yeah, I asked for permission to record first, but that was usually just moments before the camera was rolling, neither of us really knew what would happen. That's the fun of it!

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    In alphabetical order, in 4K.


    A close look at Thunderbolt options that greatly expand small system capabilities.

    VMworld 2018 US - at ATTO Technology, Eric Garrison gives a close look at Thunderbolt products


    See also (Xeon D-based) Cisco UCS E-Series M3 Servers Datasheet and note the Singlewide's optional LSI MegaRAID SAS 3108 controller, detailed at Avago/Broadcom here.

    VMworld 2018 US - at Cisco, Tobias Huelsdau & Lucas Hanson | close look at Xeon D based UCS E-Series


    Extensive tour of GIGABYTE Server products, including Xeon D.

    VMworld 2018 US - at GIGABYTE, Andy Chen gives a close look at many GIGABYTE Server products


    NVMe SSDs including M.2, U.2, Ruler, Optane, and QLC 3D NAND.

    VMworld 2018 US - at Intel, James Myers shows PCIe/Ruler/M.2 NVMe SSDs, Optane, and QLC NAND


    NVDIMM-N (PMEM) close-look/live-demo, featuring VMware vSphere 6.7. See also Micron Advances Persistent Memory with 32GB NVDIMM and vSphere support for Persistent Memory (PMem) NVDIMM.

    VMworld 2018 US - at Micron, Eric Caward & Jakob Morrison demo Persistent Memory Virtualized


    Backup & Replication v8.0 Press Release with Business Continuity and Site Recovery Orchestration, and continued Netgear ReadyNAS support and vSphere 6.7 support.

    VMworld 2017 US - at NAKIVO, Anton Shelepchuk highlights NAKIVO v8.0 features


    My favorite kind of booth visit, a live demo! Check out my related tweets here and here, then read all about Virtualizing The World's Most Advanced Data Center GPUs, and check out At VMworld: NVIDIA vGPU with vMotion Delivers the Agile Data Center.

    VMworld 2018 US - at NVIDIA, Varun Nanda Kumar demonstrates vMotion of NVIDIA vGPU powered VMs


    Close look at what's new, including the BigTwin SuperServer 2029TP-HC0R.

    VMworld 2018 US - at Supermicro, Vik Malyala shows us the latest SuperServers and a GPU


    VMworld 2018 US - at Vembu, Nagarajan Chandrasekaran provide an update on Vembu BDR Suite


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