VMworld 2017 US Solutions Exchange - vendor visit videos

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    1. AIC - NVMe and wide-gumstick NGSFF
    2. HPE - Synergy Composable Infrastructure Platform
    3. HyTrust - KeyControl requests
    4. Intel - NVMe SSDs including M.2, U.2, Ruler, and Optane
    5. NAKIVO - Backup & Replication v7.2 & integration for ASUSTOR NAS added
    6. QNAP - Home Lab NAS & 10GbE
    7. Supermicro - AMD & Intel CPUs, NVMe SSDs including U.2, and Optane
    8. Veeam - AWS Announcement, VM and vSAN Encryption Q&A with HyTrust
    9. Vembu - VMware Backup and Replication

    I'm also hoping to be able to produce some more videos from Intel and Micron, we'll see. Samsung did not have booth staff available, at the brief window of time I had to try to get something recorded.

    Again this year, I had a lot of fun roaming around VMworld 2017 US with my iRig Mic, which does a solid job at keeping out the ambient noise that is typical at such conferences. If I'd only learn to not talk so loudly myself, which sometimes clipped my voice a bit. Hoping you won't notice, with all pixels of video, in 4K glory! Yeah, uploading over hotel Wi-Fi was an overnight thing, capped at 10Mbps the entire way, and of course a captive portal popping up half way that tripped me up for a bit.

    iRig Mic on Amazon, comes with Lightning cable for iOS and Micro USB cable for Android.

    I mostly focus on what appeals to home lab enthusiasts, but with the show floor empty as the day's exhibit hours ended, Supermicro gave me an extra look around at some of their high-end server gear as well. This tour included Intel Xeon Processor Scalable Family and AMD EPYC.

    Admittedly, having booth duties of my own this week keeps me focused on short videos of just a few vendors during the spare moments that I had. Hopefully you'll find the content of value, as I visit vendors of interest, completely unscripted. Yeah, I asked for permission to record first, but that was usually just moments before the camera was rolling, neither of us really knew what would happen. That's the fun of it!

    In my similar articles from 2016 and 2015, I express my regret that I had too little time, and missing a chance to visit with QNAP. I've now fixed that. Actually, I managed to get more footage done this year already on Monday alone, with several more planned as well.


    In alphabetical order, in 4K.


    VMworld 2017 US - at AIC, Kit Chui highlights their latest hardware including NGSFF wide M.2 gum stick


    VMworld 2017 US - at HPE, Mike Flaum shows us the HPE Synergy Composable Infrastructure Platform


    I had one of those fortuitous VMworld moments on the last day of the Solution Exchange, by chance walking right by Mike Foley, who was just starting breakfast. He invited me to join him, and we reminisced for a bit. So glad I met him at a VMUG, so many years ago. Yes, the same Mike Foley who wrote What’s new in vSphere 6.5: Security, detailing VM Encryption.

    It's also worth noting that I had also just recently spotted Cormac Hogan's excellent Deploying a new HyTrust KMS on vSphere 6.5 that complements Rawlinson Rivera's Hytrust KeyControl for VMware vSphere and vSAN video and his original VMware Virtual SAN 6.0: Data Encryption with Hytrust DataControl article.

    So it's fair to say that encryption was on my mind when I walked by HyTrust's booth, since I've been pondering ways for home virtualization lab enthusiasts to get themselves a KMIP compliant key management system. This can be a way to greatly increase the value of their VMUG Advantage EVALExperience. Listen in as Erik Jeansson, Principal Systems Engineer at HyTrust explains the process of getting the appliance, and if support isn't needed, using it in a non-production environment can be free.

    VMworld 2017 US - at HyTrust, Erik Jeansson discusses KeyControl for VMware VM or vSAN encryption


    ~I'm hoping to be able to get some longer-form videos from my time in the closed blogger booths soon.~
    It’s here!

    VMworld 2017 US - at Intel, Juan Fernandez shows NVMe SSDs, Ruler & Optane P4800X in PCIe & U.2


    VMworld 2017 US - at NAKIVO, Anton Shelepchuk and CEO Bruce Talley highlight NAKIVO v7.2 features


    VMworld 2017 US - VMworld 2017 US - At QNAP, Product Marketing Director James Wu shows us the latest NASs and 10GbE. This includes NASs that are well-suited for ESXi home lab use.


    VMworld 2017 US - VMworld 2017 US - at Supermicro, Sim Upadhyayula, Sr. Director of Marketing, shows us what's new
    VMworld 2017 US - at Supermicro, Vik Malyala shows us Intel servers featuring Optane and vSAN
    VMworld 2017 US - at Supermicro, Vik Malyala from shows us AMD EPYC servers


    VMworld 2017 US - at Veeam, Michael White and Joe Lareau from HyTrust discuss encryption

    Michael mentions Veeam's announcement of backup, restore, and replication of VMs from VMware Cloud on AWS. Michael goes on to explain that VM Encryption doesn't work in VMware Cloud on AWS, but HyTrust does. Joe and I then ask about vSphere encryption and vSAN encryption, asking how they affect Veeam backups. Michael responds that backups won't be hurt, and for VM encryption, previous backups from before should be deleted, to be sure all saved backups are encrypted. CBT is still in effect, but as soon as you enable VM encryption, it uses a different key for each VM, so dedup on a dedup appliance just doesn't work, so your repository will change (increase) in size.)

    See also Veeam Backup & Replication is now certified on vSAN by Michael White.


    VMworld 2017 US - at Vembu, Product Manager Nagarajan Chandrasekaran demonstrates Vembu BDR Suite


    Timelapse into McCarran Airport Las Vegas, and back out again, August 2017.

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