VMworld 2015 - The video interviews

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 9 2015 (updated on Sep 11 2015) in
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    I had a lot of fun roaming around VMworld 2015 with my iRig Mic, with a strategically placed logo sticker. It did a great job at keeping out the ambient noise that is typical at such conferences, with the biggest benefits seen at the various VMworld 2015 Solutions booths. You'll see me visit many unprepared folks, as I pretended to be a real interviewer. What could go wrong? It's extra fun for me to visit the companies I've never heard off, hearing about cool stuff. To be fair, I did have a blogger badge on, and always politely asked first, just before rolling the camera. Noticed later in my hotel room that using Camtasia to edit MOV files under Windows is non-trivial, so for the rest of the week, I wound up uploading most of these straight from my iPhone 6 Plus minutes after recording, usually completely unedited.

    Here's all the videos I have ready for you now, in chronological order.*

    Sergey Razin

    SIOS iQ demonstration by CTO Sergey Razin

    Ken LeTourneau

    Intel's Ken LeTourneau and I discuss SSDs and the vSAN qualification process.

    Franklin Hua

    Synology overview by Franklin Hua, Technical Marketing Manager

    James Chang

    QNAP overview by James Chang, Sales Director

    Rick Vanover

    Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE update by Rick Vanover

    Ariel Sanchez

    Ariel Sanchez shows his $200 Acer Aspire N354 laptop, in the blogger hangout area.

    See also my tweet to Ariel here.

    Zac Garvelink discussion about VCSA and Supermicro iKVM, in the blogger hangout area.

    See also my tweet to Zac here.

    *I had an issue with the Supermicro overview video, which seems to be a total loss, unfortunately. Note that I'm also working on a video of my visit to Intel's booth to discuss SSDs.

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