VMware Workstation 9 released August 23 2012, but you might be fine with the free version, VMware Player 5

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 23 2012 in
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    Today marks the release of a new revision of VMware Workstation 9. This family of products is now in its 12th year, and I have quite the library of VMs built up over that period of time.

    For far more detail and explanation, see also:

    VMware Player is a free way to play with VMs
    Posted by Paul Braren on Sun Jan 01, 2012

    Here's the detailed VMware blog post/announcement of this new release, with all the technical goodies explained:

    VMware Workstation 9 – Now Available World-Wide!
    Posted on August 23, 2012 by Michael Paiko

    But if you're not a developer and don't need snapshots, you'll probably be just fine with just the free for non-commercial use VMware Player version, which still gives you the ability to both create and run VMs. As always, licensing is your responsibility. But check out this sentence in the release notes:

    Commercial Use

    VMware Player is also now available for commercial use. A commercial license for VMware Player 5 is included with VMware Fusion 5 Professional to enable customers to run virtual machines on Windows or Linux PCs and on Macs using a single license key!

    Simply put (if that's possible), VMware Fusion 5 Professional, the $99 version of the $49 virtualization software for Mac, now comes bundled with commercial use license for VMware Player 5.0 for PC, downloaded here:

    All about VMware Player 5.0 here:

    Download VMware Workstation 9 (30 day trial period) here:
    (bundled with VMware Player 5.0)

    or just go with the standalone VMware Player 5.0 download here, for non-commercial use:

    VMware's official YouTube video: