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Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 6 2016 (updated on Jul 7 2016) in
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  • When working with large amounts of data like I do in my home lab, reclaiming storage space left behind when I'm moving stuff like 3TBs of media around can be a pain. Those big VMDK files don't automatically get any smaller when you delete large files within those VMs. Seriously. That's a dirty little secret you discover for yourself the hard way one day, such as when you use thin provisioned VMs on always-tight-on-space SSDs. Performance is the same for thin or thick VMs when on SSDs, and who really wants to be resizing their C: drives very often. So we do large C: drives in those Windows templates, for convenience.

    But those thin provisioned VMs will inevitably grow and grow until there's no more physical space available. That is, unless you take some manual actions beyond merely deleting huge files in that VM.

    There are great benefits to reclaiming space before backup software does its thing, see also this great read:

    What recently really caught my attention recently was when Veeam's Rick "The RICKATRON" Vanover recently discussed this very topic on a recent Virtually Speaking podcast. I've added all the details, with a full transcript, at this spot below my original post:

    If you've ever run out of space on a thin provisioned drive, I think you're likely to enjoy hearing his novel approach that he uses in his home lab!

    See also at TinkerTry

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