Very handy iPhone 5 charging cradle that's bumper case compatible

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 20 2013 in
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  • Way back in July 2011, I wrote about how I wished I could have a cradle for my iPhone right at my desk, kind of like the one I use in my car. Keeping my iPhone 5 charged, within my working field of view, and within easy reach throughout my long workdays. One that'd also allow single-handed docking and undocking, so I'd actually use it. With the screen propped up and angled just right, making it easy to spot alerts. And held firmly, so I can tap out occasional messages without having to take the iPhone out of the cradle.

    Finally, I've found just such a cradle. It's the Sinjimoru Aluminum Sync Stand Dock Cradle Holder for iPhone 5, 4S, 4 and iPod Touch. Many photos, including the Android compatible variants, here and here. This cradle does require you to use your Apple branded Apple Lightning to USB Cable MD818ZM/A, perhaps the one that came with your iPhone 5, or an additional identical cable available at Amazon for much less here. Putting the parts together is simple, as demonstrated in the video below.

    The Sinjimoru cradle is on Amazon here and Newegg here, in silver.


    The Sinjimoru cradle is on Amazon here and Newegg here, in black, as seen in the video below.


    Optionally, if you're seeking a bumper "case" that lasts for a while, and is compatible with the cradle, I found one of those too! It's the Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case. I own several of these within my extended family of iPhone 5 phones, and they've lasted beyond 10 months, with no obvious visual or tactile signs of wear. This is good. Still holding tight around the edges, withstanding the test of time. Actually holding up better than the Apple's iPhone 4 bumpers, at about half the price.

    The Photive bumper rubber doesn't pick up pocket lint, yet still provides a bit of extra hand-grip and protection. It doesn't significantly lessen the tactile feedback of the power and volume buttons. There's a slightly rough unfinished feel to the junction between plastic and rubber on the edges, but that seems to diminish with time. You'll see the black version of the case in the video below, or jump to the exact spot that features the bumper here.

    Photive Bumper Case for iPhone 5 is on Amazon here in white.


    Photive Bumper Case for iPhone 5 is on Amazon here in black. Featured in the video below.


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