TinkerTry's Third Birthday, June 1, 2014

Posted by Paul Braren on Jun 1 2014 in
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  • It's been three years since launch already! Wow, time continued to fly by, fast, like my fingers at the keyboard.

    Yeah, I did say something like that last year, and the year before that too. But now, I've now published 447 articles total, over these last 156 weeks. The growing list of goodies in the 'Superguides' button helps you find those bigger articles, and the 'Topics' button helps with discovery. A tweaked responsive design is coming soon too, for my increasing base of mobile and tablet visitors, now hitting at about 10% of my overall readership.

    TinkerTry reaches out to 66 concurrent viewers on May 20 2014

    To date, TinkerTry has surpassed 3 million page views. Wow! I've learned many lessons from the harsh reality of sizable web hosting fees needed to keep up with traffic, while maintaining a responsive experience, with my no-so-secrets revealed at TinkerTry.com/what-this-site-uses. It's a never ending quest for the maximum SSD-hosted web site speed, at the lowest dollar. My latest kick is testing various CDNs for page load speed. I plan to post videos of my testing actually.

    Speaking of videos, the TinkerTry YouTube Channel subscriber count tripled in the last year alone, hitting 3,107 subscribers today. I thank you all very much, for your visits, and your constructive comments. Your YouTube comments, now based on Google+, are really taking off, in quality, and quantity. I've responded to 1,233 comments on Disqus so far, all proudly featured at right of all TinkerTry pages. The continued, steady growth in engaged readers as an encouraging sign.

    I've shared a few screenshots of these 3 years below, to help you see which of my articles have the most readers. It's never something I can predict, and always a surprise. One thing I can say for sure is that I'll continue to write about what I test and actually use. These first person stories tend to have a work-from-home theme. I'll continue to share tales of success with my efficient home lab, with a central virtualization theme tying it all together. It's how I keep things affordable and sensible.

    It seems there are no limits to the number of tech projects that arise from my evening and weekend tinkering, and I certainly find them all quite fun. Stay tuned!

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