TinkerTry IT @ home gets into Top 25 vBlog list!

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 21 2019 (updated on May 15 2019) in
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    I had to miss Eric's live broadcast today, but I just heard the news moments ago, apparently TinkerTry IT @ home has broken in to the Top 25 vBlog list. It's quite and honor, I'm super happy about this, and very grateful to the vCommunity who voted. Special thanks to Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) at vSphere-land for running this program for so many years now. Congratulations to everybody on and the list and all those nominated among the hundreds of virtualization blogs out there, your dedication to helping others is evident by your taking the time to share your knowledge.

    I can't think of the words that can adequately express my gratitude for this 25th spot among the hundreds of virtualization-themed blogs out there, but for now, this short post will have to suffice. I'm literally on my way out the door to a VMware customer/partner event that begins shortly, right on the heels of yesterday's NYC VMUG. Tomorrow I'm co-presenting with always-awesome newly-dubbed-vExpert vSAN SE Darin Zook (@darinzook) at the NJ VMUG, what an awesome week, now made even better!

    938pm updates - At this spot in the new video below, Eric Siebert says:
    "Probably the world's biggest geek that I know"
    followed by some chortles (I laughed too), then John Mark Troyer says:
    Kind of the archetype of helpful technical bloggers
    Wow, I really appreciate it, all of it. There are certainly worse things I could be called than a geek!

    In case you didn't know, John was the force behind building up the VMware community in his many years at VMware, and it's that community that inspired me to start writing back in 2011. Thank you Eric and John!


    Eric Wright, Mar 21 2019 "Annual Top vBlog Results! 2018 Edition"
    Took this panorama on my way to the VMUG in NYC yesterday, figured why not share it, it evokes memories of the happiness I was feeling this lovely day

    May 14 2019 Update


    The logo has been released! I've now proudly added it to TinkerTry, right in the right-hand widget area.

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