TinkerTry Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2014

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 31 2014 (updated on Jan 2 2014) in
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    This year saw a lot of growth for TinkerTry IT @ home, with a whole lot of focus on adapting datacenter technologies for the home. Curious what struck a chord with listeners the most this year? Why, it's the articles that help the most people, naturally. This is your annual peek under the hood!

    Nearly a thousand Disqus commenters out there in 2014, with top commenter Itay wins again this year, with his 44 posts to date, and counting. Overall, I only had to delete 3 spams, and amazingly, still no trolls. Even when I didn't have answers, I admitted it within hours or at most within a few days, replying to every single commenter who took the time to speak their minds.

    Below, you'll see a bit about those top articles, each with well over 10,000 page views in 2014, and the winner exceeding 100,000 page views, and counting. Numbers aren't everything of course, and I write about whatever I feel like. It actually feels good knowing that some of my least read articles are actually of the highest value to particular people, even if it was a rather niche topic. That's the value of the valuable comments that flow in.

    I greatly appreciate that you stopped by, my valued TinkerTry visitor!

    Top 10 Most Popular Articles

    Based on Google Analytics Unique Pageviews, here you have it, drum roll please, starting with the 10th most popular...

    VMware has this tendency of making it way harder to find stuff than it should be, and it actually got even tougher to chase down VCSA this year.


    Sort of can't believe this June 2012 continues to have such staying power, it's really nuts that NVIDIA hasn't really fixed this pervasive problem. I seemed to have escaped it for good in my home though, with no software workarounds needed. Upgrading the OS and GPU, getting better performance with half the watt burn. This was complete technical victory, as this system headed off to a small dorm, read all this $149 upgrade at TinkerTry here.

    So happy this one worked out, as it took quite a bit of work to pull it all together. Or maybe it's just the snappy title.

    Nailing down home networking is kind of my thing in my extended family's homes, with 3 Linksys EA6900 routers already installed, and potentially 2 more in the near-term. All have gone well.

    Yep, here we go again VMware, see #10 above.

    Things have actually improved lately, but the big wildcard on everybody's mind these days will be how VMware will handle early 2015's long awaited vSphere 6.0 release.

    Silly how much harder this is than it should be. Had to use this tweak myself at 2 different family member's homes who had changed their networks lately, and for one system, I had to resort to the registry edit technique.

    So proud of this one, which also took hundreds of hours to rehearse/prepare/document/refine/record. Stay tuned for something even better in 2015!

    Yep, there's a lot of folks using unsupported NICs with ESXi out there, and I'm one of them!

    And the most popular post of 2014 is…


    That's a lot of social attention to this one Rufus article, eh?

    A quality piece of freeware, and fast too. Here's the kicker. The bootable install media becomes your ESXi install target. Why would you worry about needing a DVD/CD reader in your server ever again? Rufus works with prepping bootable Windows 8/8.1/10 installer flash drives as well.

    Happy New Year!


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