TinkerTry IT @ home “Hangouts On Air” event Dec 22 2014, asking Rick Vanover “Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE” questions

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 17 2014 (updated on Dec 23 2014) in
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  • Showtime at 7pm Eastern time this Monday, December 22nd. View all the event details, and/or join the event LIVE, at:

    Event is over, and we sure got into the weeds for a bit there. Playback with demo already available right here below:

    *My backup demo with Rick was using a network share on a WS2012R2E VM, not an actual NAS, but the Endpoint procedure would be identical to what you witnessed at this spot in above video.


    I mentioned this device on the air: Startech UASP-SATA USB3S2SAT3CB

    Inateck FE2005

    but for a dollar more, this looks more promising, UASP USB 3.0 to 2.5" Drive adapter [USB 3.0 & Optimized For SSD, Tool-Free] amzn.to/1ABixVT

    reviewed here, and discussed here. I'll be trying mine out when I get it on Friday, Dec 29th. Great to be able to easily hook up a new SSD to an older system, as an Endpoint backup target, for example. Should be much faster than older eSATA (SATA 2 speeds) or USB 3.0 (non-UASP) devices, handling those thousands or even millions of many small files much faster than non-UASP capable devices. In theory anyway, we'll see! Read more about UASP.

    Here's the Windows 10 download URL of the latest build, avoiding some of the painful, slow updates:

    English (United States) 64-bit (x64) - Build 9879
    other variants:
    Download Windows Technical Preview November Update

    Of course, it's just a beta, but it does seem to have responsive support based on my experience so far, and the GA product should be able to restore backups done during this beta period we're in right now, but there's no guarantees. Even once the product goes GA, there will be email-based support, using a built-in GUI option to open a ticket (which auto-uploads logs).

    Here's the index of sorts, for all my Veeam-related articles and videos:
    [Superguide: Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE](Superguide:%20Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE)

    Have a happy holiday tinkering season!

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    Original Dec 17 2014 post appears below

    I'm Paul Braren @tinkererguy, technical writer at TinkerTry.com, who occasionally surfaces for air, guesting on various podcasts:


    @RickVanover is a Product Strategy Specialist and Community Manager, at Veeam Software.

    Mashing the two of us together for a special "Live Hangout On Air" seems like a good idea, just in time for those holiday visits to friends and family. You know they never back their stuff up, but will ask you for help when inevitable trouble strikes.


    Anybody can watch and listen in, live, and feel free to share the URL to this Hangout with your friends.

    I'll try to start the Hangout right on time. As we wind down, I'll turn on the Q&A feature, so you can ask Rick your questions.


    If you have a mic and camera, and wish to join us on the air and actively participate in the event, please send a short email to 25e41437@opayq.com entitled "Backup 2015" that briefly explains why you'd like to join us and what name you're following me as on Google+ (I'm at https://google.com/+PaulBraren ). I'll then take that email into consideration, when moderating attendees during the Google Hangouts On Air. Google's FAQ here.

    Hope you can join us. Fun and informative, with some live demos sprinkled in, of course. That's the plan!

    Want to learn a lot more first? Hot off the press:
    "Superguide: Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE"