The Reckoning 2015 - My experience

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 13 2015 (updated on Nov 13 2015) in
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  • The contents of this article will be updated these next few days. Come on back and refresh. John Mark Troyer has assured me that all the videos of the presentations will be available soon too!
    All the videos have arrived at the new TechReckoning YouTube Channel!

    Original story appears below.

    This special day has arrived, and despite some delays, I made it to Half Moon Bay today with 20 minutes to spare!

    Already met so many new folks this first day of kickoff, and already so many wonderful moments. We quickly broke into informal discussion groups, sharing each of our career stories, along with work/life balance struggles. In another group, we talked routers, blogging, and even swapped "my first computer" stories. Yes, at one table of about 9 people, 2 others had their start with the beloved/maligned Commodore VIC-20. Wow, I found my tribe! There were many personal and career-confessional moments. Sharing your life face-to-face like this is how friendships are born, even among the introverts. Hard to overstate how important that is.

    After dinner, John Mark and his wife Kat welcomed everybody, and kicked off the evening's discussions and presentations, including a special Geek Whisperers episode Livestreamed right from the stage! The audience was very engaged, and much fun and laughter was shared.

    I'll be updating this article again soon, meanwhile, I'm happy to have some pics to share from Day 1. Come on back and revisit, to see all the latest pictures and stories.

    My Oceano Inn room.
    Karen Lopez, nice Surface Pro 3 under those stickers, and wow, that Tech Field Day watch!
    Of course Amy Lewis has a red-haired, unk-rock unicorn on her phone, as she makes an important point.
    Kong Yang, from SolarWinds.
    Intelligent discourse.

    Be sure to tune in to the Livestream on Monday Sep 14th at:

    Sep 14 2015 - Day 2 Update

    Shannon Snowden, you may have guessed, is from Zerto.

    Zerto supports many virtualization blogs, big and small, and they stuck their neck out and helped TinkerTry from the early days, right through to today.

    Francine Hardaway giving tips to aspiring Entrepreneurs.
    Great to meet Robert Scoble tonight, what a way to end the day, "Our world is freaky"

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