The Reckoning 2015 - TinkerTry will be there!

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 15 2015 (updated on Sep 23 2015) in
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  • Sep 23 Update - see also The Reckoning 2015 - My experience

    You may recall me announcing recently that I'm headed to VMworld soon:

    I'm also honored to be enjoying my 3rd trip to meet up with an enthusiastic and friendly bunch of home server fans in Indianapolis next month:

    demonstrating the ultimate SuperServer Workstation (vSphere 6.0/Windows 10 Pro mash-up).

    So when I recently spotted the amazing list of attendees at the first The Reckoning 2015, I thought hey, that starts the very next day. Hmmm.

    With one last flight voucher left, and about an hour left for discounted conference registration, I rang up an actual human at Delta Airlines. Managed to score a seat on the 7:10 AM IND to LAX, arriving in SFO at 11:30am, just enough time to Uber my way across the peninsula to Half Moon Bay, for the 2 pm conference start. What could possibly go wrong? Who needs sleep?

    Image courtesy of Great Circle Mapper, I added the yellow pointers. What are the odds of these 6 summertime flights moving me all of those 6,440 miles on time?

    After enjoying 40 minutes on hold with Delta, booking this came right down to the wire. Nailed it, I'm in, flight booked, discounted conference registration booked, with 26 minutes to spare. Finished up by pre-paying for a room available at the beautiful Oceana Hotel.

    That red-eye home afterward should be awesome. Huh? Well, because I will have had the best 4 day / 6 flight weekend ever, doing a cool demo with friends in Indianapolis, followed by hanging out on the Pacific Coast near San Francisco, with the likes of these stellar technologists:

    • John Mark Troyer @jtroyer - I've heard him podcast so many times, I feel kind of like I know him already. VMware legend with a PhD who started the vExpert program, now CEO at TechReckoning.

    • Robert Scoble @Scobleizer - Ok, how many times have I heard his name on TWiT podcasts? Heck, I've even been to the TWiT brickhouse, twice, but never met Robert before. Oh, the stories about Silicon Valley he must have.

    • Chris Wahl @ChrisWahl - This dynamic virtualization star heads to Boston to present at a VMUG in 2014. I live near Boston. But I was working in Germany that particular week. We've been trying to meet each other ever since. Finally!

    • Matthew Brender @mjbrender - Nicest, sharpest guy in IT ever, just loves being called a marketer. I had the good fortune of finding myself sitting right next to him at the after-party for VTUG Winter Warmer 2014. Unforgettable conversation was had. Hear his weekly wisdom shared with John Mark Troy and Amy Lewis on The Geek Whisperers.

    • Zerto - @ZertoCorp - long time sponsor of TinkerTry. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate their support through BuySellAds, the primary way a virtualization destination like can grow. I think I might know the person behind this logo who lives right here in Connecticut. Perhaps we finally meet, a mere 3,049 miles from home.

    It's the People

    Need I say more? That's why I'm going. It's the people, and the insightful and fun presentations, and the side-bar conversations I suspect we'll enjoy together. That's the stuff.

    Comet Hale-Bopp image taken by Loke Kun Tan on March 30, 1997 from the Red Rock Canyon Park in California. []

    See also the complete list of distinguished attendees, quite the worldly bunch, many bloggers, and many with way more VMware certifications than I. Quite the honor to be able to join John Mark Troyer's first event!

    Full circle

    My first time in California was 1997, helping create a customer center at IBM San Mateo. I actually had a rental car that trip, and parked in Half Moon Bay one fine night after work, to see the Pacific Ocean, for my first time. I gazed upward, and there it was, Comet Hale-Bopp. A once-in-a-lifetime night to remember.

    I recently came across amazing drone footage over Half Moon Bay, from an event Robert Scoble arranged. Just a fun coincidence, footage below.

    Now I get to visit Half Moon Bay again, 18 years later. The stars aligned for me today, and you can probably tell, I'm over the moon with excitement!

    DJI Inspire 1: Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, Quick Approach 4K / 30p from Eric Cheng on Vimeo.

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