Light Show - Mission Impossible sounds and looks great in fog, and it's free nerd fun for everyone on github

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 2 2022 (updated on Mar 26 2022) in
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  • Tesla Light Show Mission Impossible programmed by Nick Ray

    What's nifty here is the whimsy and fun that Tesla has managed to deploy to much of its fleet of recent EVs, at no cost, long after delivery. It really highlights the amazing capabilities that software reprogrammability allows, and the power of delighting existing customers long after the sale. This is what you do to bring people joy, and to share that joy with others. No hacker skills required, how to prepare your USB drive, download the 2 files, and run (or edit) the xlights-based light show is all right on github, announced by Tesla in their recent v11 software announcement:


    Introducing Software V11.0
    The Tesla Team December 24, 2021

    Tesla Light Show: Anybody with a computer can now create their own unique Tesla Light Show, no Tesla vehicle required. Using xLights, free open-source software, you can create a light show to perform with any music of your choice. You can then download your show, or shows from other creators, onto a USB flash drive and upload it to your car.

    Light Show also comes pre-loaded with one song for you to enjoy, and works with all new Model S, new Model X, and any Model 3 or Model Y.

    On January 1 2022, my wife and I were enjoying our first time seeing Avengers: End Game in 4K, from the comfort of home. On a break, I noticed a thick fog had settled in. It suddenly dawned on me, from an article I had seen earlier featuring the Mission Impossible Light Show, that it surely would look great in the fog. So it was time to grab a tripod, USB flash drive, and 2 downloaded files for the Tesla Light Show, a new feature that really highlights how capable the Pedestrian Warning System external speaker on my wife's base 2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (Standard Range Plus) really is. My expectations were tempered somewhat by the fact that her car isn't equipped with fog lights.

    To my delight and surprise, the sound quality is actually pretty darn good and loud, even though she has no subwoofer. Lack of foglights wasn't even noticeable. I simply recorded both 4K 60 fps video angles using just my iPhone 13 Pro Max, set to fixed aperture at 1x zoom,using only built-in mic. What a nice bit of fun to have on New Years Day!

    Also funny that you can see a pedestrian walking by this otherwise very empty park, located pretty far from any homes here in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

    One more quick story. When visiting my Mother's house recently in my 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range with Full Self-Driving Beta, she commented something like "oh, you didn't bring the fun car?" She had recently witnessed our silly Santa Mode and Jingle Bells while driving party trick, and when I reminded her that my car could (mostly) drive itself, that did nothing to dissuade her that my wife's car is more fun to see and hear pulling into her driveway.

    In case you’re wondering, yes, we did finish Avengers: End Game, just a little later than planned. My wife is very understanding.


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    Light Show Libraries

    By Nick Ray

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