Featured on Tech Breakfast Podcast on Jan 15 2021 "Paul Braren: Eyes - Tesla Recall - Tedlexa - Mushrooms - Intel - EVs - Boeing"

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    I had a chance to enjoy my third appearance on this fun and informative podcast, you can play it back above in the embedded player, or at right with speed controls, or using your favorite podcast app, you'll see me using Overcast in my tweet below.

    Hopefully this article's show notes will be helpful to folks interested in learning more. My apologies about some sound quality issues on my end, I had a hard time hearing everybody else, with some static blocking my hearing of about a third of what was said, at least this wasn't audible on this special always-in-one-take podcast.

    Please feel free to leave some comments below, or in reply to this twitter thread.


    • Tedlexa

      You can’t unsee Tedlexa, the Internet of Things/AI bear of your nightmares
      From the archives: Teddy Ruxpin + Arduino + Raspberry Pi + Alexa = What could go wrong?

    • Mushrooms

      A man injected himself with 'magic' mushrooms and the fungi grew in his blood, which put him into organ failure

    • Intel

      Note from Pat Gelsinger to Intel
      Pat Gelsinger, who today was named chief executive officer of Intel Corporation, effective Feb. 15, 2021, sent the following note to all Intel employees:

      I am thrilled and humbled to be returning to Intel as CEO. I was 18 years old when I joined Intel, fresh out of the Lincoln Technical Institute. Over the next 30 years of my tenure at Intel, I had the honor to be mentored at the feet of Grove, Noyce and Moore. ...

      I briefly mentioned my mixed feelings about this big news, see also at The Verge quoting Pat:

      “We have to deliver better products to the PC ecosystem than any possible thing that a lifestyle company in Cupertino” makes, Gelsinger reportedly told Intel employees. “We have to be that good, in the future.”


    • Boeing

      Boeing Charged with 737 Max Fraud Conspiracy and Agrees to Pay over $2.5 Billion
      The Boeing Company (Boeing) has entered into an agreement with the Department of Justice to resolve a criminal charge related to a conspiracy to defraud the Federal Aviation Administration’s Aircraft Evaluation Group (FAA AEG) in connection with the FAA AEG’s evaluation of Boeing’s 737 MAX airplane.



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    Tesla - Jan 17 2021 - Making batteries

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