Featured on Tech Breakfast Podcast on May 04 2020 "Digital Transformation - Telsa/Elon - Fairphone - Intel - Rockets"

Posted by Paul Braren on May 4 2020 (updated on May 5 2020) in
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    A few days ago, a colleague I used to work with at VMware Tyler Gates @TSGates_ reached out to me to see if I'd be interesting in being a guest on a new podcast. Knowing the wealth of entertaining stories Tyler has up his sleeves, and hearing that he was doing this with co-host Aaron Buley @aaronbuley, I could hardly say yes fast enough.

    These two don't mess around, recording early in the morning, then publishing just minutes later. Apparently do this on a daily basis! Finally, a way to capture a slice of Aaron and Tyler's energy, with all 8 episodes and subscribe links found at Anchor FM here.


    I had to mute my snickering as Aaron came in strong right off the bat, sharing a May the Fourth joke that seems rather timely. It sure woke me up, and made me laugh pretty hard, not a bad way to start off your day, especially May Fourth!

    No more spoilers, have a listen to hear from Tyler Gates with a career update, it's great news! If you want to learn more about any of the topics, I've got some additional shownotes below for you as well.

    I know what I'm having for lunch today, how about you?


    Here's a re-cap of many of the topics we touched upon today.

    Paul showing Aaron the Intel Ruler form factor for NVMe SSDs, a prop that Intel let me borrow for a few minutes.

    The first time I met Aaron was at VMworld 2017, here's the video interview he did on the spot which I really appreciate, given how it seems everybody knows Aaron:

    Fairphone - an opensource non-Google based, sustainable smartphone:

    Intel's 10th gen CPUs for desktop are still 14nm:

    Fun story about a programmer in the 70's almost releasing a bug into all of Britain's ATMs which would have caused them to spew the entire safe contents onto the street if a single sensor failed:

    A little discussion about Elon and Tesla, wishing I had expressed my feelings on this as well as Ryan McCaffree did on Ride the Lightning Tesla Motors Unofficial Podcast, on this recent "248: Q1 Earnings Call Highlights and Analysis" episode at this spot:

    Another great weigh-in on what Elon said is found in Our Ludicrous Future Podcast at this spot.

    I also re-capped briefly a bit about my wife's own ownership experience of her Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, right at the cost of the average American vehicle. Aaron made a comment about actually sitting through my goofy garage charging overview.


    We then talked about planes at Tyler's job at Lockheed Martin, then got back into Space talk for a bit:
    NASA sets a date for historic SpaceX launch, the first flight of NASA crews from U.S. in nearly a decade:

    Our Ludicrous Future Podcast - SpaceX Starship Joins NASA’s Artemis, Pentagon Confirms UFO Sightings, Elon Rants about Covid - Ep 82


    Experiencing the first SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch from 7 miles away, the most powerful rocket to launch since Apollo 17 in 1973!

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    In case you think I take myself seriously, I did find this "commercial" hilarious.

    #SNL - Julia Louis-Dreyfus Does Commercial For Battery-Operated Mercedes AA Class Car

    Instead of 9,648 AA batteries, the Tesla Model 3 with 322 mile range uses "just" 4,416 battery cells, in the 2170-format.