Featured on Tech Breakfast Podcast 212 | Nigeria - $90M Defi Oops - Mach-E - Amazon Astro - Vaccines | Aaron Russ & Paul

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 1 2021 in
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  • Show notes below.

    I had the chance to enjoy my fifth appearance on this fun and informative podcast, you can play this fresh episode in the embedded player below.

    212: Oct 01 2021 - Aaron - Russ - Paul - Nigeria - $90M Defi Oops - Mach-E - Amazon Astro - Vaccines

    Recorded in one shot on Friday Oct 1st. This was my first time using Telegram for Windows with my camera.

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    Show Notes

    Here's the links behind the discussion points, copied from the chat we were having on Telegram during the live recording.

    1. Twitter ban in Nigeria to be lifted if platform sets up a local office and pays taxes, president says
    2. DeFi bug accidentally gives $90 million to users, founder begs them to return it
    3. Apple updates iOS 15 to fix the iPhone 13’s Apple Watch unlock bug
    4. Neiman Marcus says notified 4.6 mln customers about data breach
    5. Bolt Driver's First Impressions: Ford Mustang Mach E, Drive Electric Earth Day Fairfield Connecticut
    6. Ford to Lead America’s Shift to Electric Vehicles with New Mega Campus in Tennessee and Twin Battery Plants in Kentucky; $11.4B Investment to Create 11,000 Jobs and Power New Lineup of Advanced EVs4B-Investment-to-Create-11000-Jobs-and-Power-New-Lineup-of-Advanced-EVs
    7. Another Big EV Battery Fantasy, Another Letdown
      Electric-car makers keep looking past cheaper and safer power options, which means their high-risk ventures are rarely high-reward — for companies or investors.
    8. Driver in China successfully sues Tesla for fraud
      Tesla’s run of bad publicity in China continued after a disgruntled Chinese driver successfully sued the electric vehicle (EV) maker for fraud.
    9. Tesla plans to add ~1,000 new Full Self-Driving Beta testers per day based on ‘safety score’
    10. Safety Score Beta
    11. Tesla Safety Score: Dangerous? | In Depth
    12. Amazon hardware chief says the Astro home robot started as a security device and ‘evolved to cover much more’
    13. Amazon Astro is ‘terrible’ and will ‘throw itself down’ stairs, developers reportedly claim
      Documents about how it works have also leaked, Amazon disputes the claims
    14. Amazon is now accepting your applications for its home surveillance drone
      Ring’s $250 Always Home Cam is real and ready to fly into your living room
    15. Amazon Key In Garage Delivery
    16. Smart doorbell owner heard audio from other house thanks to a weird bug
    17. United Airlines announces Apple Health integration for verifiable COVID-19 vaccination records
    18. AirMessage
    19. Beeper


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