Supermicro SuperServer Xeon D / X10SDV IPMI Release Notes Changelog

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 7 2016 (updated on Dec 6 2016) in
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    What does IPMI stand for? Intelligent Platform Management Interface, see Wikipedia:

    ... a set of computer interface specifications for an autonomous computer subsystem that provides management and monitoring capabilities independently of the host system's CPU, firmware (BIOS or UEFI) and operating system. IPMI defines a set of interfaces used by system administrators for out-of-band management of computer systems and monitoring of their operation.

    Backstory, and why this is kind of a big deal

    When making a significant investment in Xeon D systems from Supermicro, IT Pro's like myself sure do prefer full transparency. This has been a concern for Supermicro owners for years, and something that quite surprised me when I tried my first Supermicro system back in June of 2015, as I mentioned here.

    For IT infrastructure companies that are serious about the enterprise, there's typically considerable pressure for them to grudgingly be transparent with their release notes, even if it can be mildly embarrassing. It's what IT Pros demand, especially folks like myself with a background in IBM, HP, and Dell gear.

    Supermicro is now one of the fastest growing IT Infrastructure companies, see also Supermicro® - 18th on Fortune's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies Worldwide. This lack of transparency was unfitting, but I'm happy to report that this has now (mostly) been addressed. I have permission to publish the "missing" readme.txt/release notes/changelog, ready to share right here at TinkerTry, and for now, only at TinkerTry. Longer term, I'm hoping Supermicro just goes ahead and provides these right with their firmware upgrade bundles.

    I plan to update this article, as new releases arrive

    Meanwhile, I plan to prepend any newer release notes for subsequent releases on this same page. If you experience what might be a firmware related issue, and you then spot something in these release notes that indicates it might be fixed, this article can make it easier to decide whether you wish to take on the risk of a firmware upgrade.

    To see ways to actually perform these upgrades, see also:

    If you find an issue, please reference this article, and take the time to report the problem(s) to Supermicro Support so they can track them, and determine which issues warrant a fix in a future release.

    If you find that publishing these notes is helpful to you, please drop a comment below this article, it's quick and easy.

    IPMI Known Issues

    This is a collection of observations I have made when testing and using this level of code, and issues that others have reported through comments below.

    IPMI 3.46 Known Issues

    • drop-down Macro sub-menu says
      Marco instead of Macro
    • I've only done preliminary tests on a borrowed SYS-E200-8D, so far
    • problems with getting keystrokes to register reliably in HTML5 iKVM sessions when using Chrome and Firefox (works fine with Edge Browser)
    • lack of any easy to mount an ISO file to the remote SuperServer when using iKVM/HTML5
    • video quality tuning doesn't seem to save bandwidth
    • iKVM/HTML5 user reported getting this error:
      Server disconnected (code: 1006)
      with another user only seeing this error in Firefox, but not in Chrome or Microsoft Edge
    • user reported error 1006 on Firefox 50.0, Safari 10.0.1, and Chrome running on MAC OS 10.11.6
    • user reported that Java console doesn't work on either Firefox or Safari on Mac, even after the IPMI factory reset

    IPMI Release Notes

    Supermicro Xeon D SuperServers based on X10SDV motherboards

    • All the release notes I have appear below, newest first.
    • I've added issues I've discovered to the new Known Issues section below
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    IPMI 3.46 Oct 14 2016

    1 iKVM/HTML5 is hidden on 3.35 
    2 Fix three items below:
    [71291] (REDFISH_X10_334, IPMIWebTest) Some Information Lost From System Summary 
    [71284] [IPMI ECO 3.34] BIOS, CPLD, redfish version gone in 3.34. 
    [71392] Web GUI not showing BIOS information and MAC address 
    3 Fix two items below:
    [71336] [IPMI ECO 3.34]iKVM windows has noise with wrong resolution size. 
    [71335] Remote console is broken.
    4 [71223] 4 SUM Test Case Fail [70334] [1.0 BIOS ECO] SUM test failed [71398] SUM test is fail
    5 [70859] Enter Key Causes Session Logout under Web Session Feature 
    6 iKVM connection use STUNNEL only for security manner.
    7 [70601] Not allow to key in special character in SMTP password field.
    8 10G/40G AOC Naming rule change.
    9 [70096] PCIE SERR/PERR Alert mail "Sensor ID" is empty 
    10 Fix 5 items below:
    [70147] failed on mounting/un-mounting ISO using SUM 
    [70072] Mount iso image function failed with out-of-band interface 
    [70069] fix [SUM] v1.6.1 test failed 
    [70068] v1.6.1 test failed
    [70137] The test failed and got one error message "IPMI execution exception occurred" when executed Test cases 414 and 415
    11 [69881] Front panel OH/PF LED will blinking once during system power off
    12 [70101] [IPMICFG] Change gate way fail. 
    13 [69689] Some voltage monitor items not displayed [69688] CPU Vcore sensor reading is not available
    14 [69482] Random CPU Thermal Trip Events [68904] CPU thermal trip no SEL logs 
    15 [69011] PCH Sensor Reading Shows "N/A"
    16 [69294] [Redfish 3.28] Chassis intrusion status not correct
    17 [69266] Redfish 3.28 misspelled Snooping
    18 [Redfish] SNMP feature is added.
    19 [Redfish] Syslog feature is added.
    20 [Redfish] Chassis Intrusion feature is added. 
    21 [Redfish] SMCRAKP feature is added. 
    22 [Redfish] support IP Access Control 
    23 [Redfish] support VM (Virtual Media) 
    24 [Redfish] Snooping
    25 [68709] [Redfish v3.27] Failed to PATCH UID via https://IP/redfish/v1/Chassis/1/ with {"IndicatorLED": "Blinking"}
    26 [CRM SM1601107937] Supermicro Case#SM1601107937:A1SRI-2758F IPv6 static address lost after reboot on IPMI 
    27 [68753] [IPMI ECO 3.27] FAN A,B,C,D can not set to Optimal by redfish API 
    28 [68570] "VM mount ISO failed when enter ipv6 as sharehost" VM fail to mount ISO file in WebGUI when fill in ipv6 address instead of ipv4 address in the sharehost text box
    29 [68829] "Not Present" for 10G/40G AOC sensor reading after AC OFF/ON [68177] 10G and 40G LAN Card sensor reading miss 
    30 Fix four items below:
    [69226] Can not show System LAN MAC address completely in IPMI Summary web page 
    [69148] Hardware monitor of RT2 is fail 
    [69147] Hardware monitor of RT1 is fail [68904] CPU thermal trip no SEL logs 
    [68853] No sensor readings 
    31 VBat sensor reading cannot immediately reflect the battery's presence/absence 
    32 [68394] RedFish - The time zone format is incorrect. 
    33 [68389] [Red_fish] Return Message is incorrect 
    34 [68390] [Redfish v3.26] Administrator/ReadOnlyUser confusion resulted in misbehavior 
    35 [68416] [Red_Fish]Return message not correct--{"IndicatorLED": "klkl"}
    36 [68351] RedFish - No CPU model name and the max speed is always 4000MHz 
    37 [68467] Wrong CPU sensor id [68464] Wrong sensor id Chassis 
    38 [68411] [Redfish v3.26]Radius Secret is hidden in IPMIGUI but API displays the entire string.
    39 [67259] Not easy to identify if there are multiple controllers installed 
    40 [72239] 5V dual is lower critical [72238] 5V dual is lower critical [72115] FAN mode didn't show optimal mode [72058] No FAN-A reading
    41 Fix three items below:
    [71725] NM function is fail and show not support Node Management 
    [71716] Peripheral Temp, MB_10G Temp reading is "N/A" in IPMI Sensor Reading page 
    [71715] No "FANA" sensor in IPMI Sensor Reading page 
    42 [72682] When Chassis Intru trigger, Chassis Intru will be reseated automatically after system AC off/on 
    43 [72356] Should be remove "Share LAN" item in Network page 
    44 [71982] The MAC quantity returned by IPMI OEM command are not match IPMI web site
    45 [72268] FAN mode default optimal mode on dual cooling zone motherboard
    46 [72204] [IPMI] The console windows will jump from background to foreground when a character arrives on the screen. 
    47 [72559] IPMI "iKVM Reset" function is fail
    48 [74203 and 74192] [BIOS ECO 1.1c] NM function is not workable.