New TinkerTry'd Supermicro SuperServer Bundle 2 and Bundle 3 - lower cost of entry for your VERY upgradable virtualization home lab, now shipping from US and EU!

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 30 2015 (updated on May 24 2017) in
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  • Bundle 3 shipping details squared away now, article updated, this is a Fri. Nov. 20th re-announcement!

    May 24 2017 Update - Bundle 3 orders are no longer being taken.
    Problems arose with shipping logistics that Wiredzone was unable to overcome. Currently, the best course of action is to go through the process of ordering the identical Bundle 2 instead, which will include shipping calculations from the US. I'm truly sorry for this inconvenience, and it's a circumstance that is most unfortunate and disappointing to me as well. Here's what Wiredzone ownership said:

    We can still support EU customers and ship from the US. The only disadvantaged is the EU customer will not benefit from the EU import duties and taxes incentive, VAT is always included regardless. One advantage is that we can ship much quicker (1-3 days).

    Please contact Wiredzone directly at for more information.

    Original article appears below.

    Choose your Bundle of Joy.

    Been thinking about that Supermicro SuperServer SYS-5028D-TN4T, but don't want the higher cost of the SuperServer Workstation Bundle 1, announced back on August 1st, 2015?

    Or perhaps you're located in Europe, land of enchantment and virtualization bloggers, wishing there was a faster way to get your SuperServer home lab shipped to you. What better place could there be for test and shipment than Supermicro B.V.? Located right in The Netherlands, the lovely country that also happens to have the 3rd highest concentration of vExperts in the world. Supermicro doesn't take direct orders from any of their locations, but...

    Joining the original Bundle 1, I proudly introduce to you two more TinkerTry'd SuperServer Bundles of Joy:

    • SuperServer Bundle 2
      US - barebones, bring your own storage and OS, ready for virtualization with 64GB, with room for 64GB more.
      Free FedEx shipping to 48 United States, international shipping also available.
    • SuperServer Bundle 3
      Europe - barebones, bring your own storage and OS, ready for virtualization with 64GB, memory installed and tested.
      Same exact parts list as Bundle 2, slightly more assembly required, affordable UPSFedEx shipping to EU from The Netherlands. Admittedly takes up to an extra 10 days, but the savings are worth the wait.
    Image courtesy of Jeramiah Dooley at Virtualization For Service Providers

    Customers in any EU country can now order this same-as-Bundle-2 hardware through the same Wiredzone Supermicro Authorized Reseller in the US. All that differs is that the Supermicro factory in California (literally) ships your server and bonus items to Supermicro B.V. in The Netherlands, where they perform their burn-in tests. Bonus items are customer-installed in seconds, and are included in a bag in the same box as the completely-ready-to-power-up system that's shipped out to you. You only pay the EU shipping portion of the journey. Those shipping costs are approximately $65 USD, plust your country's VAT that's estimated before you complete your shopping cart checkout. The total time from ordering to arrival in EU should be approximately 2 weeks. If demand goes up, there is the possibility that this order fulfillment time could be reduced in the future.


    Serious horsepower in your ready-to-power-up system, delivered to you with two 32GB DIMMs already on board, with room for two more. All the extras included that make it very ready for virtualization, including a tiny USB flash drive and a slender matching 6th SATA3 cable, should you choose to eventually fill up ALL 6 of your drive bays. Oh yeah, your 7th and 8th drives are your future NVMe SSDs in the PCIe slot and M.2 socket.

    With months of polite folks from all over Europe dropping comments on TinkerTry about how prohibitive shipping fees are, or how hard it is to find an authorized Supermicro Reseller with this model in stock, I'm very pleased that Wiredzone is now able to help Europeans get this particular system much more affordably than ever before. I realize there's still all applicable VAT/taxes and import duties to deal with for your country, but the big savings on avoiding overseas shipping costs is sure to help.

    Order Your Bundle

    All of the ordering details from Supermicro Authorized Reseller Wiredzone are now available at the brand new SuperServer Order Page:


    Check out your 3 options, read the Q&A/FAQ, and please contact Wiredzone directly with shipping questions. Wiredzone's shipping estimates are available before you give payment information. There is currently a change-over from the Xeon D-1540 CPU/mobo to the same-priced Xeon D-1541 mobo, which offers a slight speed bump (<5%) with more details here.

    Please contact Wiredzone with shipping, pricing, and order questions. You can also contact me, especially for things I haven't answered in the FAQ/Q&A. You can even drop your questions below, since it's highly likely somebody else is wondering about the same thing you are!

    Bundle Comparison Table

    with component pictures here.

    Qty. Description Bundle 1/ Bundle 2/ Bundle 3
    1 Supermicro SuperServer SYS-5028D-TN4T Xeon D-1541
    2 32GB DDR4 2400MHz RDIMM Sams. M393A4K40BB1-CRC
    1 Sandisk Ultra Fit 32GB USB
    1 E-ITX PC Speaker, for BIOS beep codes
    2 TinkerTry Logo Stickers
    1 BIOS/IPMI (flashed to latest versions)
    1 6th SATA3 cable in silver by Supermicro, black cable tie
    1 6th SATA3 cable routed and cable tied, speaker installed
    1 Installation of any optional drives ordered with the system
    1 4+ Hour PassMark BurnInTest, with verification printout
    1 Supermicro burn in test
    1 VisionTek Radeon HD7750 3x4K/1Mini DisplayPort/2HDMI
    1 Samsung 850 EVO 256GB SSD
    1 Windows 10 Pro 64bit OEM DVD-SSD preloaded UEFI/GPT
    FedEx International Shipping (within US is free)
    UPS or FedEx Shipping (within EU, calculated in cart)

    Disclosure: TinkerTry makes a modest commission on each Wiredzone sale only if you use one of the affiliate links found at TinkerTry. Wiredzone is an authorized reseller that charges very competitive prices. Please consider sharing the URL This source of web site funding goes directly into delivering more value to enthusiastic fans, and it sure beats complete dependency on advertisements. No sponsored posts, and all relationships with any vendors disclosed. All hardware and software was purchased, and any rare exceptions (loaners) are clearly mentioned. I'm a very discerning buyer who is relieved to finally have a highly-upgradeable virtualization server that is also widely available. The basis of years of fun and interesting articles to come. This common platform helps us to help each other more effectively, reaping maximum benefit from such a significant mutual hardware investment.

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