Easily keep Windows 10 from sharing those big Windows Updates with PCs that aren't in your home

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 24 2015 in
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  • Looping video of the exact steps seen below.

    I like Windows 10, and I installed it on 7 machines this past month alone. I think it's a good idea that Windows Updates are now shared among PCs on your home network, by default. Why should each PC download the same huge files when other PC "peers" on the same network already did that work? Makes a lot of sense, especially for households with bandwidth caps and/or Netflix fans.

    There is one related setting that the simplified Windows install (or preload) really should have asked us about though. Microsoft felt it best to allow your home network to share large Windows Updates downloads with other PCs on the internet too, not just those in your home. I'd much rather control what is uploaded from my home's network, even at night, especially huge files. This BitTorrent-like default behavior is good in a neighborly way I suppose, but I would guess that some folks might not like those uncontrolled uploads much, particular those who use VOIP.

    No worries. It's fairly easy to fix this default behavior, at any time, good for VMs too. Just follow along with the left-mouse clicks seen in this brief looping video below. Probably easiest if you temporarily move this browser window to the right side of your monitor (Windows key + Right-arrow key), so you can follow along at left.

    Step by step instructions:

    1. click the Windows Start button
    2. choose "Settings"
    3. "Update & security"
    4. "Windows Update"
    5. "Advanced options"
    6. "Choose how updates are delivered"
    7. select "PCs on my local network"
    8. close the window, you're done


    This default behavior seems to be on both Windows 10 Home and Window 10 Pro. Not Windows 10 Enterprise. See also Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO) faq.

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