SSD Background Garbage Collection and VMware ESXi 5

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 9 2011 in
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  • ssd-background-garbage-collection-and-vmware-esxi-5

    Crickets?  Really?  Anybody want to weigh in here?  TRIM isn't supported by ESXi 5.0.  But some vendors such as Corsair include SSD BGC (Background Garbage Collection) that doesn't rely on operating system support.  Can I really the only wondering about this?

    Here's a google search for "Background Garbage Collection" and "ESXi 5" and I get, nothing!

    Just a few not-so helpful-discussions found if I merely drop the 5, "Background Garbage Collection" and "ESXi"

    Please weigh in using comments button below, and if haven't read it already, don't forget to also check out: