So glad VMware is doing this, all VMworld 2016 sessions now available to the general public!

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 7 2016 (updated on Sep 10 2016) in
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  • It was great running into Eric Siebert at the vExpert event last week at VMworld 2016 US. He's really been on a roll with his VMworld 2016 coverage, and this particular article seems to be of most interest to folks who visit my site, but couldn't make it to VMworld. Yes, that's most people! Let's be thankful folks like Eric take the time to help out with such great posts, nicely categorized, and his promise to update the page as more videos are made freely available:

    Sep 08 2016 Update

    Turns out they're ALL now available! This is kind of a big deal, no?

    I've updated the title of this article updated accordingly. Yes, you will have to fill out a brief web form, and no, there is no validity-checking on the email address you provide. Details on gaining access: