Featured on "Rich’s Random Podcast Generator" Episode #8

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 17 2011 in
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  • Sunday, Oct 16 2011: Today, I had the honor of spending quality time in a Google+ Hangout group chat, with a great bunch of techies, at Rich’s Random Podcast Generator.

    The Hangout experience brought back some memories I have of CU-SeeMe video conferencing, back in 1995, here's the full story. At that university job, a special place known for pioneering computing, I was helping in just a small way, running some tests under Windows NT 3.1 and OS/2 2.1 for a developer Steve Edgar. Using just an Intel 486 CPU barebones system, a modem, and a black and white webcam I aimed out my apartment window, it actually looked pretty decent. I can almost still hear that Sportster modem, screeching...

    Ok, timewarp, back to today, 16 years later...this time, with a new Logitech C910 webcam, so new in fact that this was my very first test.

    At the Google+ Hangout, in attendance were many of my tech heroes from podcasts I've listened to for years now, who also actively post over at the homeservershow.com/forums.  What a lot of fun, those 2 hours flew by. Thank you Rich O'Neil, Jim Collison, Mike Howard, John Zajdler, Tim Black, and Jay Moore!


    We covered a variety pack of topics for those with a variety of interests, or short attention spans, or both. Home Servers, backup, virtualization, efficiency, power supplies, RAID, SSDs, VPNs, and Google+.  Head spinning yet?

    Don't forget to check out the great podcasts these guys are a regular part of, such as:
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    (dev team pic from ftp://ftp.mizar.org/packages/cu-seeme/html/Team.html, dated via gif filename properties)