Windows 8 Tip for easily handling an accidental drag-and-drop of an application behind the Taskbar

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 23 2013 in
  • Productivity
  • It's way too easy to accidentally drag and drop a windowed-application to the dead-zone, behind the Taskbar across the bottom. With a mouse, or with a touchscreen. See the video below for a demonstration of the problem and solution, using your mouse cursor.

    It's easy enough to just kill the window, which even Task Manager can handle. Or just click the tiny red x from the Thumbnail preview window:

    Note the faint image application window lurking at bottom right, just click on the tiny red X at the top-right of the Thumbnail Preview window

    But what if you actually want to see what's going on in that window, or save your work?

    1) locate the application that is hiding

    Simply move your cursor along the Taskbar icons, starting with the right-most icon, to locate the running app that has it's menu hidden below the Taskbar

    Move mouse over the hidden application window icon, on Taskbar

    2) move your mouse over the Thumbnail Preview window

    Move mouse up to the Thumbnail Preview area

    3) right-click, choose Maximize

    Right-click, choose Maximize

    4) the window is now maximized, resize it and/or drag it to where you want it

    That's it, that simple!


    Here's a more advanced, thorough video demonstration:

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