Paul Braren's “Build Your Own VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V lab at Home, using Commodity Hardware” presentation replay from Saturday March 10th

Posted by Paul Braren on Mar 10 2012 (updated on May 14 2014) in
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  • This really is a lab project/learning exercise, where I document what works well for me, and for many other site visitors. Feedback through comments below are always appreciated!

    Here's a list of articles/references I mentioned during or shortly after the presentation:

    To those of you who were in the audience, for for anybody reading this really, I should clarify a few important points:

    a) you are responsible for following all EULA/licensing restrictions for your circumstances, but also know that the free ESXi Hypervisor download does everything I showed you
    b) if you are a bit squeemish about trial and error with build your own hardware, and prefer a known-good solution that matches this comprehensive article with video walk through:
    you're likely better off going with the exact, known-good parts list at
    c) VMware, Microsoft, and I cannot support you in any official way on your home-made creation.

    Here's the video, enjoy!

    April 15 2012 Update: Video playback of the live presentation now available here:
    but the YouTube video above is a lot easier to follow, where I re-recorded the entire event, mixed with new crystal clear HD footage. I also added a look at ESXi 5.0 running Windows 8 Consumer Preview (with Aero & Sound), and Windows Server 8 Hyper V. This new video is a mix of new footage that is clearer than the live presentation, with much improved audio. I also answer most of the great questions the live audience had asked me.

    March 10 10:07pm Update:
    That was a fun day, with seats full and great questions!
    Click to view PDF Version of the PowerPoint Presentation (or scroll down below)

    Original Speaker Announcement Here:
    Build Your Own VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V lab at Home, using Commodity Hardware

    March 10 8:35am Update:
    Room for 70 people in here, I secured permission from Tim Mangan, and Microsoft's Dan Stolts, to broadcast my presentation live, and have now tested I have adequate bandwidth to support it!

    GoodBandwidthVerizon4G-LTE Verizon 4510L LTE MiFi 4G, Randolph MA

    As seen in my video, yes, of course I can run OS/2 Warp 3.0! A nice way to look back in time, nearly 2 decades ago.
    “Nested” Windows sure start fast! OS/2 Warp introduction on Computer Chronicles (1995)