Today is my first day at VMware!

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 9 2017 (updated on Jan 13 2017) in
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    Today, January 9th of 2017, is my very first day at VMware. As a Commercial Systems Engineer, my role will include demonstrating the benefits of a Software Defined Storage strategy, specifically focusing on vSAN for eastern US customers. My region is the Eastern US, with a mix of customer travel and work-from-home. Customer facing work is what I enjoy most.

    Given I'm at 30,006 feet right now, and my laptop is running low on power (broken AC outlet), Gogo Wi-Fi is barely hanging in there, lots of turbulence, 150mph headwinds, 50mph groundwinds, well, you get the picture. I'll need to be keeping this post rather short, as I try to capture a change in my career that has been rather long in the making.

    My IT experience in supporting post-sales servers and storage has me ready to tackle a new challenge, finding it best to take a chance on something new every few years. I cannot tell you how enthused/stoked/excited I am to have this opportunity, but I'm going to try! If you've followed this site for a while, this company choice may not exactly surprise you. But what is so cool about this is new role is that I get to channel my enthusiasm for the market leading hypervisor and the latest SSD tech right into my day job! See also:

    I've been using VMware products in a variety roles, first getting my VCP-101V way back in 2005, using VMware Server and GSX for years before that. Anybody remember adding NIC drivers to your ESX from a floppy? Flash forward to today's world of flash storage, and it's time to leap ahead into the software defined storage world. Such an honor to actually be working at this company that I've spent so much of my time deploying and using.

    Does this affect TinkerTry?

    Of course you may wonder, how will this affect TinkerTry? In short, it won't. I've already talked this all over with my manager pictured above, and nothing changes. This site is still independent, featuring only my voice and opinions, not those of my employer. There may occasionally be work related posts, but only when it makes sense to do so.

    If anything, working for VMware could help a bit, as I'll finally be able to easily file Service Request #s for the various bugs and product feedback ideas I've had, particularly for trickier issues that really need a bit more than my typical VMware VMTN community (forum) posts. Gladly, things are looking up with the latest 6.5 release! Of course, my primary job responsibilities will have to come first, as they always have.

    So I'll be returning from some intense training this week at VMware HQ in Palo Alto, right in Silicon Valley, and it appears I'll be meeting some of the many folks I've already known from previous projects, and from various VMUG/VTUG visits.

    OK, that's a wrap for today, time to tweet this news out, should be a bit of fun, before the real work begins this afternoon. Well, right after getting my new badge and a new Dell laptop, of course...

    Jan 10 2017 Update

    Here's yesterday's tweet, featuring my manager Peter Keilty ( and I, meeting in my hometown of Wethersfield Connecticut shortly after I accepted VMware's offer:

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