New TinkerTry logo and tagline for 2022

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 31 2021 (updated on Jan 25 2022) in
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  • Many of my articles have been centered around themes of efficiency lately. This is true for IT infrastructure, and in my home, and on my road to the electrification of everything, my cars and my home included. Given this gradual shift in my focus areas, it seems 2022 is time to update TinkerTry's tagline, especially given the world's increased focus on mitigating the effects climate change. I'm an optimist at heart, and the fact that producing energy from wind and solar are now cheaper than coal bodes well for how fast we can turn things around, as we all strive toward a more sustainable way of living with tech. TinkerTry has always had a focus on green tech in the home, and that is my intent going forward as well.

    TinkerTry 2011 to 2013


    TinkerTry | The place to be for technical tinkery.

    TinkerTry 2013 to 2015


    TinkerTry IT @ home
    Efficient virtualization, storage, backup and more

    TinkerTry 2015 to 2021


    TinkerTry IT @ home
    Efficient virtualization, storage, backup and more

    TinkerTry 2021


    TinkerTry IT @ home
    Efficiency, virtualization, storage, backup and more

    TinkerTry 2022 onward


    PCs, EVs, home tech, efficiency and more

    Note that this simplified look with fewer words doesn't mean I won't be writing about storage, backup, and of course virtualization, where it all started. I'm hoping the short word PC encapsulates all that. Home tech is generic enough to cover smart home, IoT, and edge themes.


    I've decided to drop the rarely-noticed "IT @ home" part of the logo. I've also removed the NAS or vSAN-ish 3 lines under the lowercase-n. They weren't easy enough to identify, especially in tiny favicon form on browser tabs anyway. Instead, I'm going with a simple TT favicon, in TinkerTry's usual colors. I don't pretend to have great graphic arts skills, I just do the best that I can with what I have.

    Note that the TinkerTry logo header above is in a sizable SVG format that doesn't get blurry if you zoom in or out. Working with my web developer, there's still a bit of work to do for handling responsive design handling of the now-bigger logo, but we're otherwise set. It was also about time I update my Twitter header, metadata, YouTube header & watermarks, Disqus comment engine, MailChimp, BSA ad pages, Patreon Creator Page, PayPal Profile, and email signatures on desktop and mobile as well.

    As for me this long weekend, like many home lab enthusiasts, I'mm eagerly awaiting word on comprehensive vSphere 7 Update 3 and/or Log4j fixes, hopefully coming early 2022. It will surely be interesting to see how that all works out, and how long it all takes. I also have sooo many articles to finish drafting, I can't wait to share them!

    Meanwhile, as always, be nice to your friendly neighborhood sysadmins. They've had a very tough holiday this year, something I suspect many of my readers know already ;)

    Let us know what you think of the new look by dropping a comment below. Feel free to also share whatever fun projects you're working on this holiday weekend. Note that your words will show up right on the TinkerTry's home page, just as they have for over a decade!





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