My VCP5-DCV is expiring in 30 days, time to study for my VCP6-DCV?

Posted by Paul Braren on Jun 3 2015 (updated on Jun 30 2015) in
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  • Read details on new VCP6-DCV delta exam here below.

    Yeah, I saw this coming months ago, and now it's here. Time to cram for the exam. Looking on the bright side, I did manage to get into a recent VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V6] course that given to my colleagues and I. That was a beta class of sorts, using the vSphere 6.0 beta code. So at least the core material is more fresh in my mind.

    Curious what your transcript looks like, or when your hard-earned certifications expire? Login to the VMware Education site:

    My transcript is pictured below. You'll note that all of my certs are only valid through 02-Jul-2015. So assuming I pass the requirements before July 2nd, one would assume all those old ones will move to the Expired tab, and only the new VCP6-DCV will remain. Technically, I guess it'll then be time to change my VCP logo, seen at top-right. But that's counting my chickens before they hatch, first, I need to figure out exactly what my minimum requirements are, and what test(s) to pass. All that info is over on "VCP6-DCV Certification Requirements" here:

    Next stop? Well, that would apparently be "VMware Certified Implementation Expert" VCIX6-DCV, detailed here:

    See also screenshot of my transcript, as it appears today:


    See also screenshot of the email warnings, 3 months and 1 month from expiration, for each certification I ever held.

    The easiest way to find your path forward is to click on your "Yes" link in equivalent warning email that you receive:

    Yes, I want to renew this credential before it expires!


    Uh oh, this doesn't look promising:


    so I sent an email to to get clarification, and will post my findings here.

    JUN 03 2015 Update

    Well, the response was rapid, but not at all what I wanted to hear:
    (with a couple of edits indicated by [edited out])

    From: Certification Operations
    To: Paul Braren
    Date: 06/03/2015 07:02 PM
    Subject: RE: Fw: VMware Certification will expire in 1 month

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for contacting VMware Education Support.

    My name is [edited out] and I have been assigned to work on your support request # [edited out].

    As I understand, your not able to schedule VCP6-DCV Delta Beta exam.

    Please be informed that the VCP6-DCV Delta Beta (2V0-621D) exam has been revoked by VMware and it is no longer available to schedule.

    Please wait for the actual exam to be released so that you can take the VCP6-DCV exam.

    Note: We do not have any update about the release date of the actual exam.

    If you wish to get re-certified by taking the VCP550D re-certification exam, then please check the below link for more details,

    Please let me know if you need any additional information on that or I can close the Support Request.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    [edited out]

    --------------- Original Message ---------------
    From: Paul Braren
    Sent: 6/4/2015 1:12 AM
    Subject: Fw: VMware Certification will expire in 1 month

    Hello! I'm wondering if it's possible for you to manually sign me up for
    the 2V0-621D exam? I have my VCP5-DCV (#2681) already, and wish to get my

    JUN 15 2015 Update

    Today, using
    I requested access to this test, and was quickly approved, and in the email I was given the Candidate ID I'll need to actually schedule the test.


    I'm not yet able to actually register for this newly-listed delta exam yet:
    VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam

    despite the description at the site clearly saying today:

    First Available Appointment: August 30, 2015.
    Registration will open June 15, 2015

    Below in this screenshot I just made, it indicates tomorrow is the earliest sign-up day:


    JUN 16 2015 Update

    The first exams that I could possibly schedule weren't showing in late August or early September anywhere near me here in Connecticut. So I'll probably wind up taking this 75 minute test at VMworld 2015, where this delta exam does show as available beginning Sunday, August 30th.

    If you're planning to also take 2V0-621D
    VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam
    get yourself signed-up by clicking on the prominent Request Exam Authorization button, to requesting access to the 95 minutes of "fun" (and 75 minutes of actual test), at a cost of $225 USD.

    There is also the full VCP6-DCV exam 2V0-621
    VMware Certified Professional 6 – Data Center Virtualization Exam

    I'm working with now, to see which exam makes the most sense for me to take. Since my VCP5-DCV expires July 2 2015, I suspect they'll want me to take another VCP5-DCV exam now, then the delta exam later, to keep my VCP status from lapsing. We'll see. I'll keep this post updated with new developments.




    JUN 30 2015 Update

    It's done, I passed. Basically means I don't have to start from scratch, had July 2nd arrived without me successfully logging in and passing the test. Such a recertification isn't exactly something to get as excited about as a new certification, with enthusiasm tempered by frustration of the huge amount of time needed to work with VMware and Pearson VUE technical support. They tried valiantly for weeks to get my records de-duped and sorted out, with multiple 1+ hour calls and follow-up actions required needed, and no progress when I really needed the help on weekends.

    The time spent on the rigmarole of getting registered was far more than the time spent to actually take the test, with multiple support tickets, extended wait times on hold due to lot of folks having issues with registration, and 3-5 business days to turn each of those tickets around. Dragging on since June 2nd, culminating in the approval to take the test a few hours ago. Sigh.

    Interesting tip from Pearson. If your internet dies for any reason during the test, you'll need to re-test, and you're out the registration fee. So WiFi isn't advised, and be sure you have a good UPS!

    Gad that's over with. Well, at least until it's time for the VCP6-DCV exam 2V0-621...