Microsoft Releases Update Rollup 2 for Windows Home Server 2011, and its siblings

Posted by Paul Braren on Feb 16 2012 in
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    Update Rollup 2 for Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials, Windows Home Server 2011, and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials is now available:

    I admit that it's reassuring to see a refresh from Microsoft for this product, just as I'm about to trust 4TB of a dozen daily PC backups to it. No longer do I have to put my faith in a 1.0 release.  Also nice I don't have to worry about updating the connectors on those client PCs that I haven't yet migrated from their WHS v1 backup server. I'll just uninstall the V1 client, reboot, then install the new connector, which will now be the very latest version.

    Here's the source of the story:

    and more details about the changes at the client side:

    Looks like my dozen daily backups can now grow to a baker's dozen, with the ability to finally include OS X 10.7 (Lion):

    Time and testing will go, but the install itself was sure easy enough.