"The 5th Annual Home Server Show Meetup" in Indianapolis Sep 12 2015 - TinkerTry will be there!

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 29 2015 (updated on Sep 12 2015) in
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  • The stars started to align recently, with an unused personal flight voucher making all the difference, along with finding out some conflicting work travel had shifted.

    So it was with great joy that I was able to reach out to leader David McCabe earlier today, to coordinate some logistics for a very brief presentation I'll be doing, more [details to follow](Home Server Show Meetup 2015 - My experience, and my Superserver presentation).

    I then finished up my hotel and flight plans, and am now able to say,

    I'M GOING! I'm going to Indianapolis! My 3rd time attending overall, and the first time I'm bringing something along with me.

    Stay tuned to this post for developments, once things are confirmed, I'll make the announcements about what I hope to present.

    Will I see some of you there?

    Here's the official thread:

    And the new official thread:

    Nicest people anywhere! I asked for a lift from the airport, and had volunteers within 15 minutes. Wow!

    Sep 12 2015 Update

    This was a blast! So much fun was had, and so much learning from each other was done.

    I have many more photos to publish soon, but much travel first, rising at 4:30am tomorrow to head to SFO.

    Meanwhile, you can see John Stutsman's many tweets with pics.

    Below, I also have a video of Matt for you, as he explains all the flight tracking gear he brought with him. How cool is that? Remember me and my obsession with flight tracking, seen in my forum post here?

    Sep 27 2015 Update

    Finally, I pulled together all of my pics and some video clips, with a picture viewer that includes fullscreen mode. Here you go, enjoy the show!

    Getting the loaner Supermicro SuperServer 5028D-TN4T ready for the meetup took some simple assembly, here's two time lapse views.

    Unboxing and initial assembly.
    Installing some more drives, and nicely routing some cables.
    Time-lapse of my landing at rainy Indianapolis International Airport, Friday Sep 11th.
    Arrival in Indianapolis, SuperServer in that big luggage.
    TSA left a nice note. They had opened the luggage and the server box, putting the server back upside-down, but otherwise just fine.
    Fry's Electronics, Fishers, IN.
    I forgot to take group pics at our Friday evening meetup spot, Fry's. Apparently, I was too busy talking. We don't have Fry's in Connecticut, always amazed by this place.
    Time for some dinner at Sun King Brewery!

    Friday night food and fun together.

    Wow, check out rekloose's watch message! We had so much fun, talking RAIDs and stuff.
    A bit of last minute test of my demonstration rig. Isn't this what everybody does in their hotel, datacenter/workstation testing?
    It's September 12th, early morning, setup at the meetup at Microsoft time! Hey, that sure looks like a Stutsman and a Schoondoggy!
    Um, this Microsoft lobby looks spot-on for this crowd! This is going to be a good place to have a meetup.
    Oh yeah, that's the stuff!
    Tony and Joel visit Chris Compton of Smart Home HQ, to dicuss SmartThings.
    Chris Compton had a chance to present, said it was his first public presentation, you sure wouldn't know it! What a nice guy, with his podcast skills evident.

    Don't miss Chris's SmartHomeHQ Podcast 36, where he discusses the fun we all had at the meetup, and what happens with most home automation when "the cloud" (Amazon Web Services) goes down. Even as an Insteon guy, I found a lot of good information listening in, sharing anxiety over the painful process of replacing my smart hub, someday. Guess what dropbox actually stores its stuff on today? Amazon. Same goes for the Content Delivery Network serving up all the images and HTML5/MOV videos on this page. Hmm.

    Stutsman, Schoondoggy, and Home Server Show forum admin Chris Kenney too!
    David McCabe with my goofy TinkerTry IT @ home give-away. A small token of how thankful I am for being invited to present. Thank you Dave, for all that you do for this wonderful community!
    I it give-away time already?
    Isn't it nice to see everybody so happy to see others getting stuff, Dave and Jim most of all? THANK YOU, Meetup 2015 Sponsors, especially Synology!
    Yep, I actually won this!
    I don't know how to caption this one, how about you leave your own below?
    Dave leads the flock from Microsoft to the nearby mall, the other Microsoft location.
    Fun at the Microsoft Store at Fashion Mall at Keystone, Indianapolis, IN. No comments on our fashion, but we certainly know how to enjoy geeking out with one another.
    Three Microsoftian Meetup attendees, at the Microsoft Store. Dewain, Rob, and Chris!
    Tony Raynor monitor tips?
    Yes, that's James Dean at left, see for yourself, [click twice to zoom way in].
    Jim Collison sure looks like the professional podcast that he's become, seated at that lovely wrap-around display, no?
    Yep, TinkerTry.com was there, in case you hadn't figured that out.
    The future on display inside the mall, in the form of a Tesla chassis.
    There they are, the electric motors.

    Time to pack up and get ready for the 7am flight to SFO the next morning.

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    Image courtesy of Great Circle Mapper, I added the yellow pointers. What are the odds of these 6 summertime flights moving me all of those 6,440 miles on time?

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