Play VOB files in Windows 8 easily, free, simple workarounds until Windows Media Center is available

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 18 2012 in
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  • Good ways to play back VOB files (from DVDs, etc.) while waiting for Windows Media Center to come to Windows 8 RTM (explained here and here). Neither are full substitutes for the rich Windows Media Center experience, but at least you'll have a stop-gap solution.

    You can go with Video LAN Client from here, 32 bit non-experimental version here:
    you may wish to set all checkboxes to off and only associate VOB files with it:


    Or visit good old SourceForge, and get the 64 bit installer for Media Center Classic, seems to work with Windows 8 x64 here (but future is suspect):
    See also more about Media Center Classic here.

    For Media Center Classic, once installed, simply specify this executable:
    C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\mpc-hc64.exe
    as the default VOB playback program.

    How? Just right-click a VOB file > Open with > Choose default program... and paste the full path/filename from above in, and you're all set. Double-clicking of VOB files brings up Media Player Classic very quickly, without messing up your existing codecs. Alternatively, you can use the stand-alone version (EXE without the installer) instead, same results.