Coming up next for May 2012, stay tuned!

Posted by Paul Braren on May 1 2012 (updated on Dec 31 2012) in
  • Efficiency
  • ESXi
  • Hyper-V
  • UPS
  • Windows
  • I have a lot of great stuff cooking, almost ready to be consumed. Hot off-the-press stories to expect this month include:

    • SSD chosen to cache both reads and writes on a RAID5 array, under ESXi 5
      (finally, CacheCade Pro 2.0 for the LSI 9265-8i RAID adapter, reliability and speed, NAS nirvana at last?)
    • Re-testing nested Hyper-V
      (will we have to wait for ESXi 5.1?)
    • How to handle graceful ESXi/VM shutdown when power is lost, using CyberPower UPS USB-connected to the VMware VMA Appliance
      (this now works with affordable consumer level products and the free Hypervisor, here's exactly how to go about it!)
    • Whole-home backup generator, with automatic idle, and the unique ability to get along with my CyberPower UPSs
    • <$100 USD upgrade:  affordable ceiling fixture/LED combo from Home Depot
      (use 1/4th the power of a 4-tube T8 flourescent fixture in your home office, putting out far less heat, and paying for itself in a year or two)
    • Jabra 9470 DECT cordless head-set review:  good choice for phone calls, VOIP calls, and PC based recording? (Camtasia, XSplit Broadcaster, Skype, etc.)