Mastering VMware vSphere 6 book for the holidays

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 9 2015 in
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  • It's a nice honor to have played a small part in one chapter of this book, as I explained in this post:

    All my ads run through BuySellAds, for the very same reasons many virtualization bloggers do, as Duncan explains here:

    All product / features / functionality discussed is based on my personal interest.

    ... many other great bloggers are part of the BuySellAds virtualization network, making it very easy to advertize on multiple highly ranked virtualization blogs through one system.

    So it was rather nice surprise to notice yesterday that publisher SYBEX/A Wiley Brand is currently running an ad at TinkerTry, seen at right. Not just any ad, but the very same book. I can't think of a more appropriate ad to run here, and it's a nice gesture of support for content creators like myself.

    If you happened to be considering getting "Mastering VMware vSphere 6" as a holiday gift for your friends or yourself, please consider using this ad link as a way to show your support of TinkerTry, without any cost to you.

    It's very gracious of Nick to have all 9 vExperts that pitched in listed right there on the Acknowledgments page:

    New ad seen in purple, at top-left.

    Thanks go out to Nick Marshall @nickmarshall9 for this opportunity, and of course, a special thank you to the guy that started the series, Scott Lowe @scott_lowe.



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    Jan 30 2016 Update

    This ad spot is no longer running, but of course the book is still available on Amazon: