Mastering VMware vSphere 6

Posted by Paul Braren on Apr 4 2015 in
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  • Today, on this gloriously sunny Saturday morning, the mailman rang my doorbell, alerting me to the arrival of yet another box from Amazon. My wife asked what it was, and I answered:

    an Amazon box.

    Quickly realizing that wasn't a great answer, I opened it.


    Outside of academic journals, and a recent IBM Redpaper, this is the first time I've been honored to see my name in print, on a book. I'm so glad everybody now has their chance to read this, a mere 3 weeks and 2 days after vSphere 6.0 became available.

    See "Mastering VMware vSphere 6" at Amazon

    A few months back, I was approached by author Nick Marshall, an Integration Architect at VMware, asking if I wanted to review certain chapters of his upcoming book. Of course, I said yes, focusing on the initial installation and configuration chapters. Yes, my contribution was admittedly rather small.

    Despite that, it's very gracious of Nick to have all 9 vExperts that pitched in listed right there on the Acknowledgments page:

    Thanks go out to Nick Marshall @nickmarshall9 for this opportunity, and of course, a special thank you to the guy that started the series, Scott Lowe @scott_lowe.

    For those of you who wish to order the book, here is the TinkerTry Amazon US affiliate link:

    Click here if you'd like to read this book on Kindle.



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