LSI Announces Agreement to Acquire SandForce

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 27 2011 (updated on Nov 3 2011) in
  • Storage
  • I don't usually cover news on this blog, but this breaking story:

    LSI Announces Agreement to Acquire SandForce

    directly pertains to so many of my storage related blog posts, so I couldn't resist sharing.

    You see, the SandForce controllers are what's inside the SSDs in all these tests I've done these past months, as I build my "zilla" systems:
    []( )

    Actually, it's in nearly everybody's 3rd generation SSD these days, Crucial, Corsair, OCZ, even Intel.

    I've been trying the 3rd generation SSD, the 6Gbps RunCore mSATA SSD:

    and I've been having great luck running 6Gbps/SATAIII for Z68 SRT RAID caching here:

    Interesting that I'm still stuck waiting for CacheCade 2.0 SSD read/write caching of my LSI 9265-8i adapter:

    What does this all mean?  Time will tell, but it does appear this is something to keep an eye on!