LSI 9265-8i firmware 23.4.1-0028 for CacheCade Pro 2.0 has arrived

Posted by Paul Braren on Apr 3 2012 in
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  • Here's what the readme says:
    This is a major product refresh with numerous bug fixes and enhancements, including adding CacheCade Pro 2.0 and CacheVault support (if enabled). 

    So keep in mind that this firmware and MSM MegaRAID Manager interface merely prepares you for the long awaited read/write cache of your RAID5 array. You'll still need to separately purchase CacheCade Pro 2.0, which hasn't yet shown up in the LSI store for the 9265/9266 (or in any other online store that I could find). The only version available is for the 9260 series, which can only read/write cache RAID0 and RAID1 arrays:

    Meanwhile, here's all the downloads for the 9265/9266 RAID adapter family:

    Here's the individual pieces you'll want, once somebody has tested them and told you they seem to work (me!):

    Support for CacheCade Pro 2.0 with the 9265-8i; 9266-4i; 9266-8i; 9285-8e; 9285CV-8e
    Version: 23.4.1-0028

    Windows - CC Pro 2.0
    MegaRAID Storage Manager - Support for CacheCade Pro 2.0
    OS: Windows

    April 3, 2012 1:10am eastern Update:
    Currently, I'm having an issue with getting the MSM installed at the moment, on Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 I get a failure, even with a pristine/fresh install with no other software, and the same error occurs with 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows 7.  Once I get past this issue, I'll update this article accordingly.

    MegaRAID Storage Manager v11.08.03.0300 - InstallShield Wizard Error Occured while re-creating file for adding configuration.  The setup cannot continue.
    MegaRAID Storage Manager v11.08.03.0300 - Error Ocuured during closing of Configuration File after appending. The setup cannot continue.


    April 3 2012 4:37pm eastern Update:
    LSI Support says to follow this article, haven't been able to fully test this, yes:

    April 3 2012 5:40pm eastern Update:
    talked to tech support, here's a lot of new information that I learned, that is not yet confirmed, so it's all suspect, but I'm finding almost no other info on this anywhere else, so perhaps partial info is better than no info

    The LSI00292 available for some time on newegg here for instance is a hardware key that only works with 9260 and 9280 products (2 pins), but that contradicts what LSI's site says here on page 6:

    The LSI00293 is not available widely yet, but for 9265/9266 owners, is the product you want.
    It is called LSI MegaRAID® CacheCade™ Pro 2.0 Software, comes with FastPath bundled
    while the word FastPath appears nowwhere in that description, support is telling me it is bundled with the software license LSI00293

    The LSI00293 doesn't yet appear anywhere on, as a separate orderable item, although it does show as part of the description on:
    support is calling the 3Ware storefolks to fix this omission on 4/4/2012

    Calling the LSI Store at 408-848-1697 and I was told that LSI00293 is not valid, but LSI00292 is available but on 2 week back order.

    Pretty convincing evidence that this is indeed correct is seen by comparing the descriptions here at (which appears the same as



    but both items are not yet in stock, asking via chat got me this response:
    "item is stilll out of stock without estimated date of availability on our inventory system"

    Finally, CDW also not in stock:
    Currently on backorder, estimated end of April.

    April 3 2012 9:30pm eastern Update:
    got the new driver, MSM, and firmware installed under Windows 7 x64, but I did get those errors during the install, which did actually complete.  Turns out the MSM UI then hangs when you try to use it, so to workaround the issue, I had to do what the LSI KB article says:
    enable the Administrator account, set a password (because I was doing this over RDP), then login to that Administrator account to get MSM to function properly, so I could then update the firmware.
    Video and more details to follow!

    April 5 2012 04:53pm eastern Update:
    Detailed install MSM instructions now posted at: