How to find and apply your VMUG Advantage EVALExperience 365 day VCSA and ESXi 6.0 license keys

Posted by Paul Braren on Jun 4 2015 (updated on Jun 7 2015) in
  • Virtualization
  • If you have downloaded, installed, and configured your VCSA 6.0 and ESXi 6.0


    and now are simply hunting for the keys to activate what you already built, this article is for you! Or maybe you're just getting started, and do need those downloads. Got you covered!

    I've done the hard part for you, which is finding which download link leads you to the correct product keys that you can activate (pictured below), and putting the sequence of steps together:

    1) Purchase VMUG Advantage here

    2) Once you've made your $200 purchase, visit

    3) Once you're authenticated, you'll see



    If you need to also download the code, it's now far more straight forward to go ahead and add EVERYTHING to your shopping cart, then click the buy for $0 button, so you can kick off all those downloads. It's the same code that comes from:
    There's dozens of files in that VMUG Advantage EVALExperience WebStore awaiting, and they come from CacheFly CDN, in my case at an astounding 165Mbps.

    License for VCSA 6.0 is under "VMware vCenter Server 6 Standard"

    License for ESXi 6.0 is under "VMware vCloud Suite"

    While those downloads are going, you can request all the license keys. This way, you can build up a single document that contains all those precious license keys, all in one place, to save somewhere secure and encrypted.

    See also this spot below the VMTN reincarnated! EVALExperience is to VMware Professionals what MSDN/TechNet is to Microsoft Professionals article, where a good tip about the actual length of your new license key is mentioned (it's actually quite a bit beyond 365 days).

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