Summer 2016 is heating up with ecobee3 and Ring Pro Video Doorbell updates, mesh WiFi tinkering, quiet 10GbE switch, 1TB M.2 NVMe, and falling DDR4 prices

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 13 2016 (updated on Jul 16 2016) in
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    My home's ecobee3 smart thermostat, 1 year later


    After Nest, what came next? The ecobee3 thermostat, with remote room motion and temperature sensors. Here's my latest updates on my 1 year of ownership, featuring a new video where I demonstrate the simple process of ecobee3 and iOS 10 Homekit pairing, along with a successful Siri integration test.

    My home's Ring Pro Video Doorbell, 3 months later

    It was a rough few months, but things have smoothed over, it's good now. Become MUCH more informed:bbb

    WiFi tinkering, fresh mesh

    Inspired by this amazing Home Server Show Podcast 303 and forum, my Luma and eero tinkering has just begun. Who doesn't want every room blessed with great signal strength for better battery life and top speeds? Luma 3 pack is shipping now from Best Buy, and eero 3 pack is available at Amazon. Cautious optimism warranted, at a price.

    Finally, a quiet 10GbE switch

    Patrick Kennedy outdoes himself when sharing this genuinely exciting development in the world of Xeon D home labs. If you're blessed with copper 10GbE, this is great news:

    • Netgear ProSAFE XS708T Review: Quiet 8 port 10Gbase-T switch
      JUL 07 2016 by Patrick Kennedy at ServeTheHome:

      The low power consumption and noise address the two main drawbacks with the previous generation of Netgear’s switches thanks to new chip sets becoming available. The bottom line on this: it is the best low port count 10Gbase-T switch we have seen to date and is a watershed product in terms of SMB/ SOHO networking.

    M.2 NVMe grows up

    Now available in 1TB capacity!

    4TB SSD by Samsung too

    As for me? I'm holding out for the 1TB Samsung 960 PRO for the fun stuff, while toying with HGST Ultrastar HE10 helium-filled 10TB drive for mass storage. Soon it will be time to update my:

    Falling DDR4 prices (there's a particularly hot deal right now)

    DDR4 RDIMM pricing at Wiredzone is shockingly low right now. If you were thinking of bumping your Xeon D Bundle's included 64GB right up to 128GB max, now seems to be a great time to do so here, with details below: