Connecticut's Inductive Autoworks Reincarnates Classic Gas Cars As Practical EVs - Conversions Even Purists Will Love

Posted by Paul Braren on Dec 22 2021 (updated on Jan 13 2022) in
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  • Jan 13 2022 update - See also EV Club of CT's new article, Love Your Gas Car But Hate Emissions? Time for an EV Conversion. Article as it originally appeared below.


    On Friday December 10th, I had the opportunity to visit the public opening event at Inductive Autoworks, tucked away in the woods of Northeastern Connecticut. Before this grand opening, who really knew what magic was happening behind those doors? EV Club of Connecticut members and many other visitors from across the state are now well informed about what this amazing facility now offers anybody in the US. After watching the deep-dive, 4K video below, I think you'd have a hard time to not color yourself impressed as well. Such an innovative young company is so great to see, in this nascent EV Conversion industry that's jump starting the push to electrify as our state moves toward sustainable energy, including a massive project right up the street.

    Who doesn't like the idea of owning a better, cleaner version of the beloved car you drove when you were young? All the familiar gauges inside still work, but fuel level is now charge state. All looks the same from the outside, just as they were in your fondest memories, but the car is now able to whir away from stoplights briskly, quietly, sure to garner incredulous looks from others.

    All that fun, yet still legal to drive in 2030 and beyond, even in cities. Far less maintenance and pollution. What's not to love?

    Jonathan Untied, President of Inductive Autoworks, wrote to the EV Club of Connecticut:

    I am writing on behalf of Inductive Autoworks, a Tolland-based startup venture focused on electric vehicles. Our mission is to help bring electric vehicles into the mainstream by providing the knowledge, parts, and service to convert internal combustion vehicles into EVs.

    We are passionate about automotive style and performance, as well as efficiency and environmental responsibility. This means we want to support Connecticut's greenhouse gas reduction goals, and also keep existing combustion engine vehicles out of landfills by converting vehicles that are already on the road.


    The passion for each of their roles in this new company is SO evident in this video, each exudes a wonderful confidence in their abilities, and an eagerness to conquer new challenges every day. All that passion despite me catching them at the very end of a 10+ hour day of press tours and work!

    The video features:

    • Jonathan Untied, Co-Founder, President, Chief Software Engineer
    • Dennis Manning, Co-Founder, Lead Electrical Engineer
    • Joe Monasky, Co-Founder, Lead Mechanical Engineer
    TinkerTry YouTube Channel by Paul Braren - Dec 10 2021 - Connecticut's Inductive Autoworks Reincarnates Classic Gas Cars As Practical EVs Even Purists Love
    EV Club of Connecticut YouTube Channel - Dec 10 2021 - Converting gasoline vehicles to electric at Inductive Autoworks
    EV Club of Connecticut YouTube Channel - Dec 10 2021 - Inductive Autoworks Batteries and Other Components.
    Interesting OpenEVSE charger near the otherwise inconspicuous entrance.
    A welcoming sign-in, especially to folks with immunocompromised family.
    All the components that are crucial to any EV conversion, with a focus on safety.
    Here we have a close look under the hood, discussing what magic lies within.
    Premium Recommended sticker held over from its previous gas life, now featuring a standardized J1772 AC charge port for an overnight "refueling" of electrons.
    Inline Gear Reduction & Adapter, made in-house with the CNC machine seen at left.
    Haas CNC machine.
    Haas CNC machine.
    Nissan Leaf Gearbox.
    Sample Battery Management System and Lithium Ion Battery Pack.
    60 kWh Bolt EV Battery Pack by LG Chem. 84 kWh Niro EV Battery Pack by SK Innovation.
    Extensive mechanical engineering talents, seen in orange.
    After a 12 hour day, it was time to sign off and say goodnight.

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