Home Server Show Meetup 2015 - My experience and my SuperServer presentation

Posted by Paul Braren on Sep 12 2015 (updated on Sep 16 2015) in
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  • I'm adding all my photos, videos, and updates under the original post:

    John is a guy who actually read my stuff about RAID [4 years ago!], graceful ESXi shutdown, and RDM mappings. Nobody deserves a TinkerTry shirt more than this guy.

    What fun it was to meet so many new attendees, including fan John Andrade aka rekloose who came all the way from Colorado Audio and Video.

    As for the thirty minutes David McCabe kindly scheduled for my presentation about the Supermicro SuperServer 5028D-TN4T? Well, I had a lot to say, and went on for 45 minutes, making everybody wait for lunch. Yeah, I get a little excited about stuff. But I genuinely hope the folks in the audience found value in what I presented, including:

    • Windows 10 with 128GB of RAM, installed on an Intel SSD, on a loaner Supermicro SuperServer
    • about 45 watts in use as the machine was at idle, 1 3.5" drive and 2 2.5" SSDs, with CPU auto throttling back to 0.8GHz, can drive 3 4K displays, worst torture tests I've done results in no more than 120 Watts, and minimal component warmth, even with the lid off
    • Supermicro SuperDoctor® 5 (optional Windows solution for system monitoring)
    • iKVM (the integrated 5th network interface for IPMI/remote system management)
    • IPMIView (Java application launched from a browser)
    • I used Reflector to demonstrate IPMIView for iOS on Apple Store, and IPMIView for Android on Google Play
    • BIOS configuration (EFI used so bootable C: drive can go beyond 2TB seamlessly someday)
    • mentioned Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE has replaced Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials for backing up 7 PCs in my extended family (some over VPN), essentially adds backup and bare metal restore capability to any NAS or local drive
    • ended with a boot up of ESXi 6.0 Update 1 (released just 2 days ago)
    • afterward, @pceddienc came up to the display and we built a Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 VM together

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