How to clear or edit VMware vSphere Client's connection history cluttered with old server names and IPs

Posted by Paul Braren on Aug 2 2016 (updated on Aug 20 2016) in
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  • I recently figured out an easy way to clear out that sometimes long VMware vSphere Client history, as I was cleaning up my home lab and starting fresh.


    I believe you'll find this simple technique quite handy as well, especially if you're a busy and meticulous VMware sysadmin wishing your list would show just the servers you still care about. I realize the vSphere Client is going away soon, but I suspect people will still be using it to administer their 6.0-and-earlier ESXi hosts for years to come.

    The cool thing about this tweak is that you can edit what's in that list, or even rearrange the order, just by editing the comma-delimited registry key.

    Editing your Windows registry may have unintended consequences, export the key and/or backup your system first. You'll also need to have admin rights.

    Step-by-step instructions

    1. type Win+R to launch the Run dialogue
    2. type regedit, press enter
    3. select Yes when prompted for confirmation
    4. type Ctrl+F and type in RecentConnections, press OK and will bring you to this spot in the registry:
      \Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\VMware\VMware Infrastructure Client\Preferences
    5. double-click on RecentConnections
    6. in the Value data field, prune, re-order, or even delete all the comma-delimited entries, then click OK
    7. launch VMware vSphere Client
    8. list is blank, you can go back to loving life again

    Pro tip - This list of plain text can easily be created from other sources, such as a spreadsheet or RVTools export.


    This method yields the same exact results, using mostly mouse moves to get the job done in about a minute. Enjoy!

    1 minute auto-play clip with no audio. You don't really need a voiceover on this video to annoy your cube-mates now, do you?

    Same video on YouTube, in 720p, also with no audio.

    So nice and tidy when it's all cleaned up!

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