How to easily help your favorite site by automatically using their Amazon affiliate ID

Posted by Paul Braren on Nov 16 2014 (updated on Apr 26 2015) in
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  • To show some support for your favorite sites, at no cost to you, just visit your favorite site's Amazon Affiliate link, or bookmark and use it before you shop on Here's some examples:

    Yes, you can visit your favorite site before you shop on Amazon. The only problem is that you have to remember to do that, to visit their affiliate URL or bookmark, each time. What if it was an automatic thing that you could set-and-forget, in under a minute?

    There was a handy extension for this, explained here. But alas, that Amazon Affiliate Link extension is no more. That's right, the handy way to show your favorite site some love has been disappeared for some reason. It's the very same tool that good folks at PC Perspective touted over here. It even turns out there was a $50 bounty offered to anybody who'd develop an extension with similar functionality.

    Nevermind history, Pezant has come up with a new extension that can be easily modified from its defaults, to support your favorite site. It's pretty simple to do this, seen in the 1 minute video below. The GIF is a mere 5MB.

    Here's the basic steps to help a US based website, for US based Amazon shoppers using Firefox

    Here's the basic steps to help a US based website, for US based Amazon shoppers using Chrome

    • visit the Amazing Affiliate Link
    • install this Chrome extension
    • right-click on it, choose options, then under US, paste in tinkertry-20 or whatever other Affiliate ID you prefer
    • click Save
      [optionally right-click on it again, and choose "Hide-button," if you'd like to reduce clutter]
    • test it's working by visiting
      and it should instantly show a redirect
      with your chosen Affiliate ID seen at the end, you're done!

    The unfortunate geo-limitations are explained by Amazon here.

    If you wind up using tinkertry-20,, LLC will not know your name, location, or anything about you, but will receive a small commission from that Amazon purchase. Certainly easier than PayPal or Patreon donations for most folks, since there is no cost to you, and no time lost, and nothing to remember to do, once the extension is configured.

    See also the full disclosure and privacy policy at bottom-right of every page. Thank you for helping out anonymously!

    If you'd prefer some more playback control with sound effects, here's the similar YouTube version of the same ~1 minute video: