How to change Windows 10 network location from Private to Public

Posted by Paul Braren on Oct 29 2015 (updated on Mar 20 2016) in
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    If you're at an airport or hotel WiFi, you'll want to be sure your Windows 10 is set to the correct Public network type.

    Tim Anderson summed up a common self-induced scenario rather nicely at ITWriting:

    So I arrive at a hotel and turn on wi-fi and connect. That little dialog comes up, Do you want to find PCs devices and content on this network? The correct answer in a hotel is No, but in my jet-lagged stupor I click Yes. Oops.

    No single fix for this mistake works for everybody, but this 21 second fix works for most, as demonstrated on a Windows 10 Pro SuperServer Workstation.

    Change from Private Network to Public Network (Windows 10)

    Fix (wired or wireless)

    Video playback controls let you pause/unpause at will. To make the controls go away, simply move the cursor away.

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