Home Internet Infrastructure - DOCSIS 3.0 Cablemodem (nearly doubled Cox download) and Cisco E4200 Router

Posted by Paul Braren on Jul 14 2011 (updated on Mar 17 2013) in
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  • I still need to write up something about the exact firmware levels and configurations that I've found optimal.  Meanwhile, here's a list of what I use.

    1) DOCIS 3.0 Cablemodem


    Product Overview

    Instruction Manual

    And finally, here's what the blinky lights mean, good to print and keep near modem.  Without upgrading my Cox internet plan, I managed to very nearly double my download speed, given DOCIS3 channel bonding versus the DOCIS2.0 Motorola cablemodem it replaced.

    Here's the latest word on firmware, you can see what you have using

    http://www.amazon.com/Motorola?tag=tinkertryamzn-20-SB6120-SURFboard-eXtreme-Broadband/product-reviews/B001UI2FPE - Fast, but has rebooting, syncing issues - Fast, but has rebooting, syncing issues, Retail Moto Release (Cox doesn't have this FW to reflash if you change) - More stable, but slow to very slow speed issues, - More stable, but slow to very slow speed issues, » Google SB6120 Speed Concerns - Known to Brick Modems, Cox is not using - As of 09/01/10 This is the current Cox firmware for this - New Cox Firmware update pushed to AZ on 05/28/11.

    2) WiFi Router: Linksys/Cisco E4200:


    $134.99 at BestBuy

    Feb 8 2012 Update:
    I've since gone over to considerably cheaper, and more reliable service, on the Ooma Telo, I'll be doing a write-up soon. 

    3) Telephone VOIP Adapter
    $0 with instant Vonage rebate:

    Here's some info about the useful screen info it shows you during your telephone calls: