HighPoint at CES 2012: New USB 3.0 bundles shown by May Hwang, Director of Product Marketing

Posted by Paul Braren on Jan 15 2012 in
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  • I visited HighPoint's booth at CES 2012 on Thursday, January 12th, and had the opportunity to speak to May Hwang, HighPoint Technologies Sales Manager.

    In these brief, informal interviews, you'll hear May and I discuss HighPoint's latest USB 3.0 + HDD dock combos, and SSD caching, and RocketU USB 3.0 offerings, mentioned at HighPoint here.

    The HighPoint RU1144A PCI-Express 2.0 x4 USB 3.0 Controller Card is described as the solution that I had recently chosen to handle USB 3.0 passthru duties for vZilla.

    I've already let May know about this video I've produced, and my other HighPoint-related articles. See also good photos of the same booth at this hardware site (in French):
    [www.hardware.fr/news/12086/ces-rocketcache-avec-3-ssd-highpoint.html](http://www.hardware.fr/news/12086/ces-rocketcache-avec-3-ssd-highpoint.html )
    and more descriptions and pics at homeservershow.com/ces-2012-day-1-part-1.html.

    What do you think of these products, and the estimated retail pricing?
    _Watch the videos below, then let HighPoint know, with this unique chance to let HighPoint know your thoughts by making comments below (yes, they can be anonymous)._

    A CES 2012 visit to HighPoint, to see the RocketStor SMART RAID and RocketStor SMART Backup:

    A CES 2012 visit to HighPoint, to see the RocketU USB 3.0 HBA:

    A CES 2012 visit to HighPoint, to see RocketCache HBA Series of SSD caching: