IDF 2013 Presentation: Intel Next Generation Microarchitecture Code Name Haswell

Posted by Paul Braren on May 1 2013 in
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  • SPCS001 - Technology Insight: Intel® Next Generation Microarchitecture Code Name Haswell
    Per Hammarlund, Ronak Singhal, Hong Jiang

    This technical deep-dive with video is from an April 10 2013 presentation at IDF2013 (Intel Developer Forum) in Bejing, China is now available, with a brief virtualization mention at 24 minutes:

    ...we do invest quite a bit on the virtualization side, again we see this as an area that performance is becoming more and more important, and so trying to reduce the latencies or the overhead of virtualizated environments is something important

    The Q&A section at 56 minutes includes an interesting question about embedded DRAM (eDRAM) and expected performance improvements, with Per answering:

    We will disclose the sizes and details of the configuration when we launch those is a memory component that we have developed ourselves, that is more efficient than GDDR and other existing memory technologies, so this is something we do in-house, and we build it into our own part. And it gives us better latency and much higher bandwidth, at the lower power, than any other existing DRAM technology.

    Click anywhere on the image below to get to the presentation. Yes, you'll need Silverlight.




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    Embedded DRAM has long been used in IBM servers, and Microsoft Xbox360

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    May 02 2013 Update:
    Intel Haswell's idle states reportedly won't play well with some power supplies
    By Jon Fingas posted May 1st, 2013 at 12:22 PM

    May 4 2013 Update:
    Intel unveils Haswell’s graphics: Iris branding and improved performance per watt by Joel Hruska on May 1, 2013 at 11:10 pm

    I'm on the lookout for low watt burn, since a headless virtualization system's local video output doesn't generally matter, for most use cases.

    Jun 01 2013 Update:
    Haswell is now announced, with a whole lot more information now available, including:

    Jun 04 2013 Update:
    This Intel representative does an excellent job of explaining the FIVR (Fully Integrated Voltage Regulation) of the new generation of Haswell CPU + Z87 motherboards, and the TDP (Total Design Power). This YouTube link jumps you to just the right spot on the neweggTV channel:

    And here's a look at the same video, but a bit later, when discussing triple monitor support in the new integrated graphics, where one of the three needs to be DisplayPort or WiDi: